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Through lectures, meetings, mentorship and events about the Media Industry we help everyone understand and stay at the top of an ever-changing, highly competitive industry. Our regular monthly meetings feature industry experts sharing cutting edge information in technology, creativity, business marketing, etc. As a non-profit CA 501C3 corporation we serve the general public and professionals working in every area of the media.

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President's Message: Looking Ahead

We've come a long way but we got a lot of great programs ahead!

“Challenging, interesting, stressful, can be lucrative and maybe, just maybe a little bit fun” is how Liz Ervin described what it’s like to be a location scout at last October’s meeting.  I was glued to my seat as Liz told us how she got into the business of finding locations for commercials, reality TV and major motion pictures.  “Every client is different, every crew is different, every location and every day is different,” is what keeps her inspired, Liz added.  I was fascinated to hear about the requests for locales by her clients and how she managed to find them. 

Maybe you’re familiar of the movie titled, “Adventures in Babysitting.”  Well, in one of my favorite anecdotes was the one where Liz is on location at 5:30 A.M. waiting for the caterer to arrive. The crew was getting antsy and she had promised them all a hot breakfast before the shoot.  Liz calls to find out what’s keeping the caterer and is told he’s been arrested and is now in jail.  But Liz had a back up plan.  Or so she thought.  She calls her PA and tells him where to go and what to pick up for breakfast whereupon he sheepishly confesses that he has lost the petty cash.  What to do? Liz had to quickly figure out how to feed the large, hungry crew - and all before 6 a.m. 

You can learn more about Liz and her enterprise by visiting Pacific Location Search at  Read the meeting review on our home page and watch the video of her talk, filmed by RoundTable.Media  Now for a look ahead...

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Oct. Meeting Review - Liz Ervin Tells All About Locations

SoCal Media Pros hosted professional Location Scout and Location Manager, Liz Ervin, owner of Pacific Location Search, for our October get-together and no one was dissapointed. Whether you were expecting some important How-To's or some tell-all behind-the-scenes stories, Liz delivered! With over 30 years experience in production of Film and TV, she had a lot to share. The crowd was attentive as she described the business end of searching for, then making deals for use of locations of all kinds. Liz covers all of Orange and San Diego Counties but also has a number of favorite locations in the far reaches of LA and San Bernadion counties. After an intro from SoCal Media Pros Treasurer, Art Kirsch, she described the early days of taking poloroid photos of a home or loaction and scotch taping them into a manila folder...and contrasted that to today's location photos by iPhone and emailing them into her Data Base so clients can search online! (see link to the Video Below)

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SoCal Media Pros Announces Programs For Fall '16!

Education about all things media and bringing together professionals and the public is the official mission of the new SoCal Media Pros.  Film Producer Art Kirsch, the treasurer of the new non-profit, explained: "We're a California non-profit corporation, approved to solicit donations and sponsoring memberships.  We have applied for  tax exempt 501c3 status, which we anticipate will be granted during the fourth quarter, so we can provide all the same services the old MCAI did." This means you can expect the meetings and events featuring professional media experts to continue. [Ed Note: SoCal Media Pros is now an IRS-approved Charity!]

In fact, SoCal Media Pros is ready to announce its Fall schedule starting with "Great Scene Analysis" in September, "Location, Location, Location" in October, and a special training event for film and video editors in November. You can also count on the members of SoCal Media Pros organizing a fun Holiday Mixer in December. Details of these events along with articles about professional media are on the organization's website,

Brian Page, a member of the new Board of Directors for SoCal Media Pros put it all in perspective. "The national organization that was MCAI and ITVA before it, is no more. But the tradition of bringing working media professionals together to serve the community carries on with SoCal Media Pros and many other new organizations resurrected from the former MCAI Chapters around the country."

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