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Waywest Lighting and Camera

NEXT MEETING: November 29, 2017 - ONLINE!

New Media and Growing your Audience on YouTube
with Jon Bailey
JonBailey2 avatar

If you're in the media business YOU NEED AN AUDIENCE! No matter who your target audience is (the public, media execs, producers, clients, etc) and the various flavors of new media are a good way to find and build that audence.

Join SoCal Media Pros on November 29th as SoCal Media Pros Board Member and Founder of VO Peeps, Anne Ganguzza interviews Jon Bailey about how to use YouTube to build an audience!

Jon Bailey’s been doing professional VO since 2009 & has booked 4,000+ gigs & counting like movie trailers, promos, radio/web/tv commercials, game/toy characters & animation. He’s been the voice of Optimus Prime & the “Epic Voice Guy” of 2x Emmy Nominee Honest Trailers. Jon Bailey has a combined social media following of almost 200,000 & is credited with 1.4 billion combined views on YouTube. Full-time voice actor, social media personality, content creator, husband & father of four including one with Autism. THIS GUY IS AN EXPERT AND HE'S GOING TO SHARE HIS SECRETS!

DON'T MISS THIS special SoCal Media Pros EVENT.
The event is LIVE online via ZOOM starting at 6:30 PM Pacific Time 
It's FREE but we need you to RSVP HERE 
More Details below 

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YES! It's time for yourHolidayPartyTree VOpeeps
'Get The Holiday Party Season Started Holiday Party'

Kick off your celebration for the holidays and the end of the year with our annual ALL-MEDIA holiday bash. Did you have a good year? A bad year? Who cares? Let's Party! This year it's bigger and better than ever, organized by your friends at SoCal Media Pros, VO Peeps and the studios at OC Arts Center. Bring your friends, see old friends and meet new friends!

GREAT FOOD - catering by Jerry Ganguzza (the guy who made all those VO Peeps gatherings so delicious!)

BEER AND WINE INCLUDED - yes soft drinks too, and if you like harder libations feel free to BYOB- just be ready to share!

MUSIC - your favorite tunes to dance to--or talk over --or even sing to!  Yes a little Karioke will be available! Feel free to impress us--or to embarrass yourself!  Hey, you're among friends!

DOORPRIZES -You may win something valuable just for being there!

SHORT MEDIA CONTEST - Show off your best work for the year in a 1 minute presentation, either video (submit mp4 file) or audio only (submit mp3 file) No rules, no categories, make it anyway you want but keep it to a minute. The partiers will all get a vote! And YOU might win a prize!

FUN THEME MEDIA CONTEST - Make a humorous video or audio file (only 1 minute long) to fit the theme, "Oh, THAT went well!" Use your imagination and make it fun…Or, if you prefer, make it dark and depressing with subtitles --we don't really care! We'll just be happy to see your creativity at work!  Again, No rules and no categories, just keep it to a minute.

RSVP and pay $20 per person (what a steal!) HERE  Be sure to Print your ticket and bring it with you!

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Member Profile: Joe Nagle

Joe N. Recording my Commercial demo Nov 2010SoCal Media Pros member, Joe Nagle, has been doing VO professionally for almost a decade. In that time, he's made a name for himself and his mellifluous baritone voice. Joe does a variety of projects but seems to be called a lot for the narration of animated white-board explainer videos, e-learning courses, non-fiction audiobooks and corporate-industrial-medical training modules. He's also noted for his creative marketing! As an avid home-brewer of craft beer, Joe named his VO business "Joe's Speak-Easy Voice Overs and Home Brew." Now everyone remembers the beer-brewing VO guy.

But once-upon-a-time he was a salesman with a 30-year career in the metals industry. Joe's telling of his career change reveals one of his endearing traits, a great sense of humor:

"After being laid off a second time in an economic downturn it finally dawned on me - I wasn't a very good salesman."

And when we asked Joe which title he liked the best (thinking he may prefer "VO Artist" to "Home Brewer" or maybe even "entrepreneur") his answer was "The Thrilla in Manilla," --Muhammed Ali's third title!

As you can tell, it was great fun talking with Joe and getting to know him. Here's more:

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President's Message, June 2017

Larry Stimson 100x100One thing that really makes me proud to be a SoCal Media Pros member is that we are always exploring new ways to increase our income.  And last month’s meeting was a good example of that.  As experienced pros we are sometimes reluctant to try new things— we stick with what we know works. Yet Anne Ganguzza showed us how we could profit from a new web technology called, “Zoom.”  She could (and does) charge us hundreds of dollars just to login to her presentation but Anne shared it all with our members for FREE! Thanks, Anne.  We certainly appreciate the time and energy you put into it. We'll be doing more interactive online meetings in the future but they'll never replace the importance of gathering face-to-face.

 You’ll have to agree, SoCal Media Pros is a good place to meet people who share a common interest in media.  I think most of our regular members can testify that they have gotten extra work from other members that they have met at our meetings. By becoming a dues-paying member of SoCal Media Pros you support our organization's ability to put on events that help your business as well as the whole community. 

 If you haven’t been to a meeting, make it a point to show up in person!.  It’s fun and we always have interesting guest.  Who knows, you might just find your next gig!.  I hope to see you there. This month, we will be joining with the After Effects Abusers Group in hosting Adobe Workflow Expert, Karl Soule.  Karl will show us how to become more productive using Adobe’s latest video tools.

Larry Stimson, President

SoCal Media Pros

Jonathan Fackler Passes

Jonathan FacklerWe were all saddened to hear Producer-Director Jonathan Fackler of Costa Mesa, California passed away suddenly and quietly in the presence of friends and family on April 28, 2017 in Las Vegas, Nevada, after a year and a half since diagnosis of prostate cancer. Jon will be remembered for his professional contributions, creativity and unfailing optimism. One of Jon's more memorable contributions in Orange County was as Co-Executive Director and Producer of a gala awards show for the Newport Beach Film Festival a few years back under the auspices of the Media Alliance of Orange County. Jon was deeply loved and his enthusiasm and dedication to quality production will be missed. 

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Next SoCal Media Pros Meeting, May 24, 2017 LIVE ONLINE!

How to Make Money Providing Live Streaming INTERACTIVE Webinars For Yourself and Your Clients!

Join us for a very special online SoCal Media Pros free webinar and learn from media mogul, Anne Ganguzza exactly how she provides Streaming Media Services for profit utilizing inexpensive, commonly available technology‚ and How You Can TOO!!  This Meeting will be LIVE ONLINE and YOU CAN ACTUALLY PARTICIPATE via the free Zoom video conferencing app! (details below)       RSVP NOW!

bigthumb video marketing survey 71 prozent say video conversion rates outperform other marketing content

You'll learn the secrets of interactive webinars by actually participating, as Anne Ganguzza shares the production and marketing techniques that have made her virtual workshops so successful!

This meeting is FREE! Because you will need to download the free Zoom app and have time to test it, please sign up and RSVP at least 1 day in advance! The sooner the better. You will then get an email from us with a link to the SoCal Media Pros Zoom webinar.

anneganguzza 600 150x150

This is an opportunity to learn from an expert how to expand your media business simply and effectively! What are you waiting for?

Our Guest, Anne Ganguzza, is a Marketing and Media Guru, Voiceover Artist, Voice Coach, and founder the successful world-wide networking organization, VO PEEPS. She regularly offers fee-based live interactive training workshops for voice actors, bringing them together in a virtual space with top coaches and directors for a valuable experience.  The secret is the interactivity. All her registered attendees actually participate and get individualized attention! When you join the SoCal Media Pros Meeting on May 24th you will have the same experience.

MOST IMPORTANTLY, Anne is going to show you exactly how you can duplicate her methods and make money providing the same media service for yourself or your clients!   RSVP NOW

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The Webcam You Use Makes A Big Difference! Here's my Favorites

larry computersIn putting together our SoCal Media Pros event for May 24th ("How to Make Money Providing Live Streaming INTERACTIVE Webinars For Yourself and Your Clients!") a few of us got together on Zoom to play with the video conferencing application. It's a lot better than some of the apps we were using before —I won't embarrass them by mentioning any names— but Zoom seems to be better quality and offers all the features we want, including sharing sharing the screen with up to 50 participants, rolling in video, etc!  Anyway we all noticed the difference in video quality among the participants. Fiddling with each one made us realize it wasn't a problem with Zoom but the individual cameras! (Duh!) The lesson was simple; if you're not using a webcam built into your computer you need to have a good camera or you don't look good!  And I'm not talking about clothes or hair, I'm talking about looking like a knowledgeable media professional! Impressions count—especially with clients! So, of course that was all I needed to test some webcams and upgrade my camera!   

This is what I’ve learned from my Zoom test this afternoon:

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Member Profile: Kathleen KoscheĀ“

Kathleen Kosche1SoCal Media Pros member, Kathleen Kosche´ (co-SHAY) is waiting for a film to premier. Like most working actors, she has no control over the post-production process or release schedule of her work. But she, along with all her fellow SAG-AFTRA members, doesn't let that keep her from moving on to the next project.

The feature film in question, expected to be released early this summer, is "Heavenly Deposit," the story of a man who finds himself in a desperate situation, until a miraculous encounter changes his life. Kathleen plays Athena and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. "I have a good part: the Greek mother of the lead character. And working with writer-director, George Vincent and his co-director Rick Irvin was wonderful! Great Guys!"

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Review: San Diego MediaPro Camp 2017

SD MediaProCamp17 Crowd

Our friends at San Diego Media Pros put on a great event—again! Their 2017 MediaPro Camp drew a full house and featured 4 breakout sessions, each with 4 different rooms working simultaneously! That's 16 different seminars or roundtable discussions in the day! No one left unsatisfied! Of course the best thing about all MediaProCamps is the collaboration and the spontineity since topics of dicussion are chosen by participants on the spot. SD Media Pros Header v5.png

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US International Film & Video Festival Extends 2017 Entry Deadline

US International Film Fest LOGOCelebrating 50 years of acknowledging creative excellence in film and video production, our friends at the US International Film & Video Festival have extended the deadline for this years entries to APRIL 13th!!  ENTER NOW

The Festival offers five mini-competitions in one by recognizing outstanding Corporate, Education, Entertainment, Documentary and Student productions. Entries are judged against peers, meaning Corporate competes with Corporate, Education against Education, and so on. Judges do not have to grant awards in each category. As a result, the top award in a category is not necessarily a Gold Camera, but may be a Silver or Certificate winner. Conversely, more than one Gold, Silver or Certificate may be presented in a category. Decisions are made based on both effectiveness and creativity by judges located around the world.

SoCal Media Pros / VO Peeps Educational Scholarship Fund Continues To Grow!

LOGO VO Peeps scholarship1The fund, established in January of 2012, is a SoCal Media Pros (previously MCAI-OC) sponsored nonprofit 501(c) (3) fund dedicated to providing both need-based and merit-based scholarships to qualified members of the voiceover community. What began as an entrepreneurial vision of one girl, Anne Ganguzza, VO PEEPS CREATOR and FOUNDER of the VO Peeps Career Education Scholarship Fund, has now evolved into one of the most exciting and PLUGGED IN places to be for the Voice Over Community!  The rapid growth of the popular global networking group since its inception in 2009, led Anne to seek ways in which to give back to the community, and the VO Peeps Career Education Scholarship Fund was born. socal mp logo 234SoCal Media Pros has been proud to continue the fiscal support of our predicessor, MCAI.  To date, more than $31,458 worth of scholarship and aid to the VoiceOver community has been donated, and Anne continues to grow the excitement and drive the VO Community to what it does best, and that’s GIVING BACK!

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Meeting Recap: Make Your Script Come Alive With...Acting

SoCal Media Pros listening Cropped to Brian PageAt the March 2017 Meeting of SoCal Media Pros, Brian Page and Sharyn Case, two Director-Actors gave a condensed and powerful presentation on how actors can contribute to the development of a successful script (Stage or Screen) as well as actors' importance to fleshing out characters and giving them depth. The two talented experts had very practical advice in both finding and working with actors for both theatrical and film/video production.

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Member Profile: Larry Stimson

Larry runs Camera2Our current president, Larry Stimson, holds the honor of not only being the first president of SoCal Media Pros but also the last president of the LA/OC Chapter of MCAI! Because many of our members work in media production and because you've probably seen Larry behind his 4K camera recording some of our meetings, you might assume he's a producer or cameraman.

(Photo Left: Larry Stimson operates camera on a short film)

Well, he is… but his bread-and-butter job in media is an Application Designer. Larry was happy to explain how one guy can wear all these hats:

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Members of SoCal Media Pros join to coordinate with other working professionals for mutual benefit--as well as serving the community. They're doing good work worth talking about. So get in touch and collaborate with these experts for your next project!

Long-time member (going back to MCAI and ITVA days) Lynn Yeazel has been a key player with Tektronix for many years. Now they want you to know about an important training session Thursday, March 30th in Glendale. It's about SDI over IP, HDR and 4K Conversions…real cutting edge stuff, featuring expert Steve Holmes.

Talk about Nice Guys!...Producer-Videographer Bill Ennis and his company Media Magic have recently finished a pro bono fundraising video for The First Tee of Orange County, which develops life skills in children and teens throughout the county. Good Work, Bill!

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Bob Stewart Passes Away


Bob StewartEmmy Award-winning musician, composer, sound engineer and OC audio icon, Bob Stewart has passed away. According to his friend Robb Hart, who had been working with Bob on a shoot in the desert just days before, it is believed that Bob suffered a heart attack in his sleep on Monday Feb 6th. Besides being friendly and fun Bob was well-known as a multi-talented member of the OC professional media community. For many years he ran Stewart Sound on the second floor of a funky building in Old Town Santa Ana, providing all kinds of audio services for music, film and TV. He will be missed.  Details below...

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Feb. Meeting Review - Audio Software Shootout

SoCal Pros Feb17 Tim Keenan Joe McNeil Brian PageOur monthly meeting on February 15, 2017, was a big hit with the audience. MC Brian Page (himself a VO artist, actor and sound designer—seen on the right of the photo) added his two cents to the valuable insights of experts, Tim Keenan, of Creative Media Recording in Cypress (on the left) and Joe McNeil of Marktree Productions (in the center.) While both highly respected engineers had lots to say about a wide variety of audio software, their stories and experiences were what captured the most attention.

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Member Profile: Bill A. Jones

Bill Jones GleeFinalwith Patricia Forte JacksonL and Fortune Feimster RSoCal Media Pro member, Bill A. Jones may best be known for his on-screen roles: ‘Rod Remington,' the character he played on FOX's Glee for six seasons (photo on the right from the Glee Finale), and starting in February '17 on the new NBC show Powerless as newscaster ‘Marv Wolfman’. Bill Jones Headshot However, many of us in the industry also know Bill from less high-profile gigs — such as his VO and Emcee work. The big surprise to some will be to find out Bill Jones is also an accomplished singer.  As a vocalist, he performs the great standards made famous by Frank Sinatra, Michael Buble` and others, often backed by a Big Band, or his smaller group The A Players.  Bill's singing performances are a real treat! He was named one of LA's Best Male Cabaret/Concert Artists by BroadwayWorld's Don Grigware.

We got a chance to ask Bill about all this and more…

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SoCal Media Pros Offers A Busy Schedule for Winter 2017

Coming Up:
More Meetings, More Networking and More Great Info for Your Media Business!

Clear your scehdule! Despite a late start with our January meeting being postponed 2 weeks until Feb 1st, SoCal Media Pros has lots of good stuff planned for you! We're cramming our calendar with some presentations you can't afford to miss! Starting off in just a few weeks is our February meeting, "Audio Software Shootout." It will cover not only the big audio programs such as Apple's Logic ProX, Adobe's Audition and Avid's ProTools but major plugins and plenty of freeware! Whether your in radio, recording or video you'll need to know about all the tools we'll cover. March's Meeting will see a new version of "Bring Your Script To Life with..." This time it's about acting and directing. And at the end of March SoCal Media Pros will present DP Bernie Mitchell of Silver Platter Produictions sharing the latest in 4K, UHD, HDR and RAW, in "Decode Your Buzzwords & Increase your Impact."  And then there's NAB... but hey, that's the SPRING! We'll keep you well informed till then!

So What's a FRED TALK?

Like the better known TED Talks which we are unabashedly ripping, I should say, proudly imitating... SoCal Media Pros has created FRED TALKS! They're only half the length of their famous counterpart but promise great insights, mostly about the media-rich world we populate. The SoCal Media Pros, who will deliver a FRED Talk, are all experts in their field —anything from creative; to performance to technical. So each individual FRED Talk will be unique as well as enlightening. Thanks to professional VO Artist Joe Nagle who gave our very first FRED Talk at our January 2017 meeting: "Everything You Always Wanted To Know About Voice-over And Beer, But Were Afraid To Ask."  Come to our monthly meeting for face to face networking, important information... and now, FRED Talks!

Special LOCATION: The Silver Dream Factory

If you're not familiar with the site of our January 2017 meeting, this will be a great opportunity to tour OC's most comprehensive professional studio and backlot, The Silver Dream Factory. Created by Producer/Director of Photography, Roland Canamar, the studio offers just about everything a filmmaker needs. Indeed, its regular clients include major Networks and cable channels, big name film production companies, independant filmmakers, national corporations, commercial producers and music video makers, among others. The studio has a very compact campus which makes everything convenient.

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