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Marcelo Lewin Will Be Featured Expert Speaker At MediaProCamp on 6/11

Marketing For Digital Media Creators

A special seminar presented by one of our four nationally known experts, Marcelo Lewin from, will be focused on media creators who want to find new clients, promote their next film or find new gigs.  When You join Marcelo at MediaProCamp, you will learn what Buyer Personas are, how to create marketing campaigns that work and how to target the right audience at the right time before you tweet, status update or do any kind of Social Media marketing

 Marcelo Lewin is the founder of  Prior to this venture, Marcelo was the creator and founder of Filmmaking Webinars, which was acquired by Moviola; Pixel Heads Network, which was acquired by ProMAX; and My Internet Desktop, which was acquire by IAN.  He loves to create digital stuff, whether it’s with a video camera, a photography camera, a microphone or a keyboard.  Learn more about Marcelo Lewin at helps media creators who work in Film, TV and on the Web upgrade their skills. Focused on filmmakers, videographers, photographers, podcasters and graphic designers.  Check them out at