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KeyNote Speaker for MediaProCamp 2016 Announced

Lee Gluckman, Jr. Will offer attendees
"Another Way To Grow your Business"

MCAI proudly announces our Featured KeyNote Speaker for MediaProCamp 2016. The world-traveling Gluckman has a unique, international perspective on the film and video business. He is chairman of Mobius Awards for advertising, and also serves as chairman of US International Film & Video Festival, both headquartered in Los Angeles. Lee is familiar with not only the world's finest award-winning productions but the creators and artists responsible for them. You can look forward to some important insights in this very special address from a long-time MCAI Member with international credentials.

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Marcelo Lewin Will Be Featured Expert Speaker At MediaProCamp on 6/11

Marketing For Digital Media Creators

A special seminar presented by one of our four nationally known experts, Marcelo Lewin from, will be focused on media creators who want to find new clients, promote their next film or find new gigs.  When You join Marcelo at MediaProCamp, you will learn what Buyer Personas are, how to create marketing campaigns that work and how to target the right audience at the right time before you tweet, status update or do any kind of Social Media marketing

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YOU are the Heart of MediaProCamp

 MCAI's MediaProCamp  is about COLLABORATION!

Within a few minutes, attendees suggest, then choose the most compelling topics on site and then break into roundtable discussion groups. The result is both amazing insights from the collective experience and brainpower on hand as well as some really fantastic networking.

It's a unique event in may ways, but the real essence of the conclave's format is working professionals coming together to share and solve problems

 MCAI's MediaProCamp is June 11th It's totally FREE including AM coffee and LUNCH! But you must pre-register HERE so we have enough food!

Of course, this means you must come prepared to PARTICIPATE. Bring your questions, business needs, creative problems, peeves and anything else you need help with. If it's interesting and a common issue you'll probably get more than a few of your peers to join the discussion. In turn, you will be sharing your knowledge, experience and wisdom with others.


We usually book a few experts to share their knowledge—nationally known folks like Anne Ganguzza, Marcelo Lewin and Dolores Jennerson-Madden. But if you only attend their talks you'll be missing out on the most important element MediaProCamp has to offer: PARTICIPATION WITH YOUR PEERS. 

So, come prepared to Share!

MediaProCamp GUEST EXPERT: Dolores Jenerson-Madden


Master Editor and Motion Graphics instructor, Dolores Jenerson-Madden will appear at MCAI's MediaProCamp as a special Guest Speaker on Saturday June 11th. Many professionals are reluctant to upgrade to 4K production not just for the expense but the waterfall effect it will have on everything they do. Dolores will show you why and how you can edit 4K NOW! She'll give an overview of 4K, Importing, Archiving and Editing with multiple sources. RSVP NOW

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Anne Ganguzza Will Speak At MediaProCamp 6/11

ANNE GANGUZZA: How to Grow Your Business With Social Media Ads, On a Budget

  Along with attendee-created roundtable discussions, MCAI's MediaProCamp will present a number of nationally known speakers at the annual FREE event! Social Media Marketing expert and Professor of Digital Marketing at Cypress College, Anne Ganguzza has agreed to reveal her 10 Top Social Media Advertising and Business Building Strategies — strategies that will attract your ideal audience, quickly grow your email list, and ultimately help you sell more of your products and services online - all without breaking the bank! A well-known VO talent and founder of the global networking group, VO PEEPS, Ganguzza also serves on the board of the local LA/OC Chapter of MCAI. The event is FREE —including morning coffee and lunch—but you must Register in advance so we have an accurate count for food!

Registration is open NOW. RSVP at

MCAI is a 45+ year old self-run, non-profit association of media professionals. To enhance your business and advance your career, join us by going online to

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