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Join New Sponsors of MediaProCamp!

Join industry leaders, Adobe, the fabulous All-In-One-Truck, digital hardware maker, Fast Forward Video as well as the world's first affordable, portable, live video-streaming and satellite internet broadcasting system, TodoCast, in making a powerful connection to a historic gathering of top media professionals! It's simple! Become a sponsor of the MCAI MediaProCamp as they have! Here's the deal, and a list of our great sponsors...

Besides impacting some of our industry's most influential players at this special event, you will reach even more professionals with 6 months of marketing exposure on our MCAI chapter's website, emails newsletters and monthly meetings! And you'll be donating to a non-profit that is an important industry resource. Sponsorships are available at $100 and $250 levels. The $250 sponsor also gets the additional right to bring product, displays and handouts to the event.

A good example of this is Kelly Herrin's All-In-One-Truck. This amazing vehicle, which revolutionizes location shooting with everything you'll need, will be sitting outside the Digital Media Center all day. Make sure you say hello to Kelly and walk through it! You'll also see a demo of the amazingly portable TodoCast internet satellite system at the event. Be sure to talk to them about the technology and the business model they have set up for you to make money!! And digital recorder maker, Fast Forward Video, will be bringing some of their DVRs designed for a wide array of challenging shooting situations including on-body, on-vehicle, underwarter and even outerspace. They'll show you how these incredible recorders can be completely integrated into any system, and why you'll be a return customer! Another example is Adobe. An industry leader in media solutions software, Adobe is offering a free copy of their CS4 (Creative Suite 4) package as a doorprize to be raffled off at the MCAI MediaProCamp! All you have to is register for the event, fill out an entry form on site and be there for the drawing! If you become a sponsor you may also offer a doorprize for added impact! To register for MediaProCamp go to MCAI's Meetup Group website:

The following are the great media companies and generous individuals who have thus far stepped up to make MeidaProCamp available to all media pros. Adobe and the All-In-One -Truck have just joined us but be sure to check them all out.

MCAI is incorporated as a 501c3 charity so donations are tax deductible. Sign up now to participate in all the marketing and pre-publicity! For more information contact Grace McKay or John Coleman:

Grace McKay: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

John Coleman: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.