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Panasonic is First National Event Sponsor for MediaProCamp

Panasonic Solutions Company, the maker of professional media products such as the innovative, affordable, fixed-lens  HD-3D Camera, AG-3DA1, and their new 4/3" large image videocamcorder, the AG-AF100, is the first national sponsor for MCAI's expanded MediaProCamp 2011 event schedule.

"This series will give us the opportunity to work with our core users—media production professionals—share information they need and get valuable feedback, like no other event," said Steve Milley, Panasonic's Western Regional Manager for Media and Production Services.

Last year, Panasonic sponsored the regional MediaProCamp held by the LA/OrangeCounty Chapter of MCAI. "It was a wonderful experience both for our West Coast rep, Tommy James, and the professionals who attended. Now, to have the opportunity to do this at more events all across the country is exciting," Milley said. "We plan on taking full advantage of all aspects of MediaProCamp."

2011 MediaProCamp attendees can very likely expect a debut of new equipment from this prolific innovative company. In 2010 They brought a prototype of the AG-3DA1 for hands-on testing and demo even before the first model shipped. And their knowledgeable people will be an important asset to the events. "Panasonic's Tommy James was a highlight of the event last year," explained LA/OC Chapter president Mark Alexander. "The format of MediaProCamp means he's in collaborative discussions with media pros, giving advice, answering questions and sharing practices and opinions from other pros he meets all around the Western US. Tommy's job gives him a perspective on our industry—both technical and creative—that few others have. Everybody appreciated that."

For his part, Tommy James was equally impressed, "Of course, I love to talk about our products: why they are superior and how they work, but also best practices, user tips and hints and other practical information. But I was very impressed with the professional level of conversation and especially the atmosphere of collaboration. I got a lot of good feedback and opinion. That's important to Panasonic to be able to keep developing products that media production pros need and that work for them." He continued, "I know my east Coast counterpart who will be covering some of the MCAI MediaProCamps this year will find it as worthwhile as I do."

MCAI International Presidet, Gary Schifflet,welcomed Panasonic. "We're pleased with Panasonic's successful  involvement on the regional level and are gratified that they will be our first Event Sponsor for the 2011 national series of MCAI MediaProCamps. The relationship between our members and other professionals we attract and the manufacturers of our most important tools is important. Panasonic Solutions Company, as a leader in innovative technology is at the top of the list. We appreciate their support."

MediaProCamp is the signature event for MCAI, the Media Communications Association-international. It is an all-day series of professional roundtable discussions with content determined on site by participants.

Panasonic is one of the few manufacturers of professional electronics in the world today that designs, builds and tests their own products in their own factories. For an introduction to some of their gear click here