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MediaProCamp Goes National in 2011

MCA-I’s MediaProCamp officially expands to 4 events in 2011. Joining the leadership of LA/Orange County Chapter in organizing these unique signature events will be the Central Carolina and Detroit chapters. The San Diego Chapter will hold its second annual in 2011.

This expansion gives our IO (international organization) the opportunity to sell sponsorship of MediaProCamp as a package of events for the first time. Thus far, only California’s LA/Orange County and San Diego chapters have put on the iconic events and could only find local sponsorship. MCA-I president, Gary Shifflet has said that with 4 or 5 events minimum he felt that he and other members could get national sponsors involved. The bulk of money raised would be split among the chapters to help pay for the events and a smaller portion would stay with the IO.

MediaProCamp is a unique day-long series of peer-to-peer roundtable discussions with content determined on site by participants. "It's intense collaboration and networking and everyone who participates comes away with a powerful feelings of accomplishment and benefit," said John Coleman, one of the LA/OC Chapter's organizers of MediaProCamp.

For 2011, the first event of the series will be held in San Diego on February 19th. The Detroit Chapter has not set a date but confirmed they will hold in in the spring, followed by the LA/OC Chapter's MediaProCmp in June. The Central Carolinas Chapter will hold theirs in the early Fall.

At the 2010 Fall Leadership Conference, Mark Alexander, president of the LA/OC chapter, explained that as the first organization to produce a MediaProCamp they had great success. Raegan Mathews of San Diego reinforced the value of the event to chapters and how the event serves media professionals throughout the region. MediaProCamp is basically an all-day series of collaborative roundtables where media pros brainstorm solutions to common problems by sharing their experiences, knowledge, perspectives and wisdom. Because topics are self-selected and networking is concentrated everyone who participates leaves well satisfied. The unusual format was adapted from the IT industry’s ‘bar camps.’ MCAI is the only one anywhere in the media industry doing anything like it. The overall result is an incredibly useful and memorable experience that has become a signature event for those chapters that hold one.

Alexander, with the help of IO Board Member John Coleman, also of the LA/OC Chapter, have produced a how-to White Paper for any chapter wishing to create their own MediaProCamp. “Really, it’s no more difficult than putting any meeting together,” said Alexander. “It just gets more attention because it’s so different.” Besides organizing ideas, best practices and procedural suggestions, other chapters will get event photos and PR materials they can use to promote their own MediaProCamp.

Now, with 4 MediaProCamps planned, Schifflet is hoping more chapters will step up and commit to producing the event. “The more events we can package together, the more attractive it will be to national sponsors, the more money we can raise and ultimately serve more media professional all around the country.

“Organizing a MediaProCamp sounds intimidating,” Raegan Matthews admits, “but it’s not. It’s a lot of fun and a big boost for any chapter’s image. Best of all, it brings professionals together in a truly collaborative dialogue. When sponsors can join in they are amazed at the result.”

For details on MediaProCamp you can read numerous articles at the LA/OC website For more information in becoming a sponsor of either the local event or the 'national tour' contact Mark Alexander This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or John Coleman This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.