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What is MediaProCamp?

June 13, 2015 is MediaProCamp! It a unique event which offers collaboration with other professionals in valuable industry roundtable meetings. MediaProCamp also features key industry speakers you may not see anywhere else! And it’s all FREE—including AM cofee and lunch—courtesy of the media pros of MCA-i. You’ll be joining other pros working in every area of media—Pros who want to be the best at what they do and are willing to share their knowledge with YOU! Together, along with our featured speakers, we'll solve business problems and have a great time.

2015 MediaProCamp is:
Networking with Influential Professionals! Get Advice, Solve Problems, Share Solutions!
Powerful Roundtable discussions!
Camera Workshop With Filmmaker Bernie Mitchell!
Media Consultant Greg Lefevre on The Perfect Interview
Marketing and Social Media Expert Anne Ganguzza offers Digital Branding Strategies For Success

June 13th is just around the corner so register now online and mark you Calendar for that second Saturday in June! If you haven’t been to a MCA- I MediaProCamp yet, get ready for a concentrated and powerful day of collaboration with fellow professionals from all areas of the media. SIGN UP NOW at:

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MCA-i's Annual MediaProCamp Scheduled for June 13th!

Save the date--Saturday June 13th for MCA-i's annual MediaProCamp! It's a very unique event that bring professionals from all areas of Media together to collaborate in short sessions. It's hard to describe because there's almost nothing else like it..but you will love it. You'll share with fellow Media Pros and solve problems--tech, creative and career! Everybody wins! For an idea of the experience go to our website's main page nav bar and pulldown MediaProCamp. Take a look at some of the past events. Save the date and bring a friend!

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