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Photogs & Videographers Captured MediaProCamp '15

Like all our organization's events, MediaProCamp '15 was an all-volunteer effort—and capturing it in photos and video was no different. We were fortunate to have Rudy Garcia and Garrett Tiebens taking stills along with four volunteer video shooters: Larry Stimpson, David Salahi, Gwynne Gregory and John Coleman. "We're posting all the photos so everyone can enjoy them and recall the fun," said Art Kirsch, the MCA-I chapter president. "The video will be edited over the summer and turned into a presentation to help promote next year's event."

Photogs Garcia (on the right) and Tiebens (on the left) met for the first time at the event (Seen here with Garrett's mother Emma Tiebens in the center.) While This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. is an MCA-I Member and ordinarily known as a freelance sound operator, he's also an accomplished photographer. Garrett Tiebens, on the other hand was a 'walk-in' volunteer. The amateur photog is only 15 years old and came to MediaProCamp with his author/speaker mother, Emma Tiebens. Despite the age difference, Rudy and Garrett had a lot in common and became friends--and shot a ton of photos!

Our team of videographers had a similar experience. We weren’t sure how many cameras would show up but were pleased with the fact that four did. Two of the shooters brought their own cameras and two were borrowed but all were welcome.

MCA-I Member Larry Stimpson, besides being a videographer via his company, Show Me Multi Media has been an Application Designer and web designer for many years. Larry has produced, shot, and/or edited a number of videos andwas the first to shooter to volunteer. He was joined by Dave Salahi who is a respected Videographer, Editor & Website Developer. Dave's new business The Photo Performance has focused primarily on promotional videos for local community theater groups but he's done a fair amount of corporate work, too.

Gwynne Gregory, is a freelance PA and sometime Production Mgr who borrowed a camera to help capture the event. She's worked on the TV Crew at the Honda center and did a great job at MediaProCamp. You can reach Gwynne via Linked-in.

Producer-director, John Coleman of Twin Oaks Communications, a past MCA-I chapter president and the current Secretary of the organization was the fourth videographer and the one who put the call out for volunteers.

Thanks to the four we captured bits and pieces of almost everything. "The intent wasn't to document each breakout session or every lecture but to get a smattering of activities to help explain just what MediaProCamp is and how it works," said John Coleman, who was also one of the event organizers. "If you've attended a MediaProCamp you know that many first-timers don't quite understand the feature of ad-hoc meetings—that is, where the participants decide at the moment what topic they want to discuss." At MediaProCamp, attendees all post their discussion topics on index cards and within minutes the whole group is voting on them. The most popular topics are assigned a meeting room and people choose which room they want to join for the next session!

The LA/OC Chapter President, Art Kirsch, praised all the volunteers. "As odd as it sounds we often are caught short in terms of capturing our events on media because it's all a volunteer effort. So it's particularly wonderful when we have so many volunteers working to tell the story. We really appreciate their efforts!"