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Keenan and Page to Again MC MediaProCamp Event

Tim Keenan, (left) the owner and Chief Engineer at Creative Media Recording in Cypress, CA and popular Voice Artist, Actor, Stage Director and Sound Designer, Brian Page (right) have agreed to again co-host MCA-I's MediaProCamp in Orange County. "The event is unique and really requires easy going personalities to explain things," said Art Kirsch , president of the LA/OC Chapter of MCA-I which runs the annual gathering. "So we're very pleased that two of our long time members have the skills and demeanor to guide participants through the day-long conference."          

 The event is also sponsored by Keenan's company, Creative Media Recording in Cypress. "I have such a great time at MediaProCamp every year," said Tim. "I meet great people and learn a lot from the event. And I really enjoy guiding everyone through it as the MC so they enjoy it as much as I do."

"If you haven't been to a MediaProCamp before, it seems a little strange at first," explained Brian Page of Vocal Images. "So one of our jobs as MCs is to encourage people to particpate. While we have fabulous, nationally known speakers, the core of MediaProCamp is really the collaborative roundtable discussions. We never know what the topics will be because the participants choose them on site! That makes it exciting," said Page. "Yes, and we like to explain to newcomers that you don't need to be an expert to propose a roundtable topic and run the discussion," chimed in Keenan. "All you need is a burning desire to know more and you'll be surprised at how many other professionals will want to join the conversation!"

The Event is Free including AM Coffee and LUNCH-- but YOU MUST PRE-REGISTER at

The 2015 event is the seventh consecutive year for MediaProCamp. It is being held at Santa Ana College's Digital Media Center on Saturday June 13th from 8:00 AM to 2:30 PM sessions start at 9:00 AM