Aware Recycling Uses Media and Kickstarter to Raise $44,000 for the Community.

With their first successful recycling center helping over 15 people off the street and into self-supporting jobs, Aware has now created a Kickstarter campaign to raise $44,000 to open 3 more recycling centers and expand their success. Your help will make a big difference!


AWARE which is a non-profit charity, uses recycling, education, the arts, collaboration, job creation and economic development to build healthy Communities. In collaboration with Will Make Film for Food, Aware Recycling is combining recycling, film, technology and innovation to create high quality films and film equipment which are affordable and open to projects with a positive message. Now that's art!

Besides being able to keep over 2 million pounds of recyclable material out of the local landfill, Aware's first recycling center pumped over $800,000 back into the local economy. Aware works with local charities and offers programs such as youth empowerment; urban gardens; neighborhood cleanup and mentoring for homeless and children from single parent households.

"We've learned a lot,," said Chad McKinney, the founder of this successful mix of recycling, media and community rescue. "One of those being: for very little money, we can create a lot of jobs and do a lot of good in our community.  Every single act of support we get makes a huge difference! Plus, you are rewarded with cool prizes for every dollar you contribute to our Kickstarter campaign!"

If successful, the money from the Kickstarter Campaign will help Aware Recycling expand their good work four-fold! "In order to build a model that can be reconstructed anywhere in the world," McKinney explained. "We will need to become economically independent. Given the fragility of the State budget; it is our goal to reduce our reliance upon the State redemption value for operating a recycling collection center and processing facility from 100% to 0 within 3 years."

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Aware is a 501c3 charity.