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Panasonic Honored By MCA-i at MediaProCamp '14

At the LA/Orange County Chapter's MediaProCamp event Panasonic, one of the world's leading technology companies noted for both professional and consumer electronics, was honored by all of MCA-i for its five-year support and dedication to the non-profit's signature event. Chapter President, Walter Davis (L) presented the commendaton to Panasonic's Rod Wilske (R) saying, "The International Board of Directors of the Media Communications Association-international (That's MCA-i) wants to let you know how much we--and all the chapters of MCA-i representing the professional media communities around the US --appreciate your support and dedication to our industry. I want to present this Placque to you and Panasonic—a company which is an industry leader not only for your innovative and superior products but for your great People! Thank You Panasonic!"

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EVENT REVIEW: OC MediaProCamp 2014 Sponsored By Panasonic

While the crowd was not at full capacity, the event was nevertheless one of the busiest ever with special guests, award presentations and of course, the core element: ad hoc roundtable discussions on subjects chosen by the participants. It was the sixth consecutive year the event was held at Santa Ana College's Digital Media Center, and the FIFTH year Panasonic has sponsored the event in Orange County.

As someone once pointed out, no one ever leaves MediaProCamp dissatisfied because YOU get to choose the topics you're most interested in! And as someone else commented, there are always too many good topics to choose from! Individual attendees post proposed topics for discussion and then after collectively choosing the most popular, meeting spaces are assigned. Between three and five meetings were scheduled every hour. This year the crowd voted on over 20 discussion topics. A few of the most popular included: How to stand out in today's competitive marketplace; How to monitize YouTube; Building your business; Can Social Media Platforms lead to employment; Are 'Pay to Play' websites worth the investment?

Mixed in with these chosen-on-site topics each hour were opportunities to hear and talk with special guests including Indy Filmmaker Alton Glass; Executive Business Coach Jon Block; Master Editor Colin Smith of Photoshop Café; and Panasonic Evangelizer DP Bernie Mitchell who brought some of Panasonic's newest cameras to play with.

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Win Adobe Creative Cloud FREE Subscription at MediaProCamp '14!

So you thought MediaProCamp was a good deal being Free with AM Coffee and Lunch included? Well, it just got even better!  When you register at the event you can be eligible to win a year's subscription to Adobe's Creative Cloud service. That's a retail value of close to $600! Already a subscriber? No Problem...we'll add another year free to your current subscription if you are the lucky winner. Whether you are currently an Adobe user or not you'll want to meet with Adobe's Colin Smith at MediaProCamp. He's a master editor, photoshop expert and nationally known Adobe trainer. All that and you'll have the opportunity to meet with other nationally known experts as well—folks from the worlds of cinematography, marketing, post production, career coaching, and independent filmmaking among others. Most important  You'll collaborate with a wide range of other media professionals to share ideas, solutions to common problems and make connections you can use in your business and career. The whole thing is FREE but you must pre-register on line NOW! REGISTER at:

Indy Filmmaker Alton Glass to Speak at MediaProCamp '14

Prolific Independent Filmmaker Alton Glass will be sharing the methods he used to create five feature films—from concept to script and through to distribution—at MCA-i's MediaProCamp '14. With a background in music videos and experience in Television, Alton has a lot of information to share with his fellow professionals. "I'm really looking forward to MediaProCamp," he said. "It's a very unique way to meet others working in the industry and share ideas and experiences. I'm all about learning better ways to do things--creatively, technically and budgetarily!" Join Alton by pre-regstering for MCA-i's MediaProCamp on line now! CLICK HERE TO REGISTER

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DP Bernie Mitchell Talks Equipment and Production at MediaProCamp 2014!

Maybe you saw him in the Panasonic booth at NAB…or maybe when he lectured at Chapman University about 3D… or was it at WFX in Atlanta? Well for sure you're gonna see him at MCA-I's MediaProCamp on June 14, 2014! For Bernie, it's coming home off a long road trip. This nationally known cinematographer is also a Producer/Director/Writer and MultiMedia Person of the year and the main honcho of Silver Platter Productions.

This June, He's bringing some of Panasonics newest toys and will also share tales of what's happening in our industry—both technologically and creatively! As a DP who’s shot all over the world he's got answers to questions you haven't yet thought of! But we love Bernie Mitchell because for all his knowledge and experience he knows how to put it all in terms that everyone in our business can understand!

Even though MCA-i's MediaProCamp is FREE, SPACE IS LIMITED!

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