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First MediaProCamp of 2012 in San Diego March 24!

  Thanks to sponsorship by Panasonic, MCAI’s MediaProCamp has grown into a series of six national events held by various MCAI chapters around the country. The series kicks off on March 24th in San Diego. Register NOW for this unique FREE event.

Like all the MediaProCamps, the annual San Diego MediaProCamp is a unique all-day forum of media professionals representing every discipline: acting and performing, producing and directing; creative and technical. Representing every medium: Film, TV, Radio; internet, games, business video, audio and more.

The topics are provided in a series of roundtable discussions on any subject the participants choose. You can create a topic for discussion and form a group... or sit in on any group or any topic you choose. MediaPro Camp features multiple breakout sessions every half hour, providing intensely productive insight, and is fabulous for networking.

It's an exciting cross-pollination of useful ideas, techniques and information. Interactivity between all of the participants guarantees a powerful experience for everyone. Bring your personal expertise and plenty of questions (everybody contributes). Laptops are useful but optional. 

And look for MCAI’s LA/OC Chapter MediaProCamp on June 9th of 2012 at the Digital Media Center in Santa Ana!