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MediaProCamp FAQs

The unusual format of MediaProCamp and the great response from last year's attendees have prompted a number of questions about the event and how it works. Here are some answers along with important details such as directions and parking.

What Is MediaProCamp?

It is an all day (8:30 AM to 3:00 PM) conference for professionals working in any area of media. Rather than highly structured lectures, the various sessions are roundtable discussions among peers designed to provide an exciting cross-pollination of useful ideas, techniques and information. The idea behind MediaProCamp is that every attendee is expert in something and no one knows everything. The professional collaboration aspect of MCAI's MediaProCamp attracts a number of well known industry leaders. Participants create the topics for discussion on site and break into groups based on common interest. This creates intense professional collaboration since all working pros have something to add to every conversation. One reason for the universal success of MediaProCamp is the interactivity between all the participants. It guarantees a powerful experience for everyone.

How does it Work?

After you register, grab some colored index cards (color coded for general area of interest such as technical or creative) and put down a topic YOU would like to discuss.

Fill out as many cards as you like-only one topic to a card. This will go on a large board where everyone can vote on them. The organizers (volunteer members of MCAI) will assign a meeting space to those topics garnering the most interest. It may be anything from a conference room to a corner of the studio.

If your topic is chosen you will be the discussion leader/moderator. If not, you may choose to join any group/any topic you like. Attendees may leave or join any discussion group at any time.

The first round of breakout sessions (we have space for about 6 simultaneously) will begin as close to 9:00 AM as possible. Sessions are limited to 45 minutes to encourage intense discussion and discourage rambling .

After each session everyone returns to the main gathering spot where the organizers will be taking more topic cards and reshuffling the topics not yet chosen. This re-organization time is kept short to allow for as many sessions as possible.

In the event a group agrees to continue their discussion into the next session, simply let the organizers know so others can join you.

There will be a short lunch break featuring a keynote speaker. Following lunch will be two more ProCamp sessions. We'll end the day with a free raffle for doorprizes, including an Adobe CS5 software package valued close to $2,000! You can expect to be done at approximately 3:00 PM.

What Topics are covered?

Anything of interest to two or more people. Topics that are assigned a meeting space are determined by amount of interest among attendees. But plenty of people will gather in smaller groups and hold their own discussions.

Do I Have to Prepare A Talk?


No, but you should come with some topics you want to discuss. You do NOT have to bean expert in the topic but should know something about it in order to lead the discussion. Some pros lead a discussion in their area of expertise in order to get new ideas and critical feedback. Many others lead a discussion to explore a topic they need to know more about . Remember, these are discussions not lectures. The key word is collaboration.

Who Makes MediaProCamp Possible?

The LA/Orange County Chapter of MCAI (Media Communications Association-International) is the organizer and underwriter of the event as a service to the professional media community. This year we are honored to have the support of two industry leaders as our sponsors: Adobe and Panasonic Also, we're grateful that for the second year the Digital Media Center of Santa Ana College is making the whole first floor available for our use including their state-of-the -art TV studio. OC SPonsors include Creative Media Recording in Cypress and Voice-Artist, Julie Nagode

Where did MediaProCamp originate?

The format originated only a few years ago in California's Silcon Valley by developers in the IT industry. They called them Bar-Camps. The international organization (IO) of MCAI created the idea of regional MediaProCamps to replace their long-running (40 yrs) once-a-year, national Pro-Track Conference. The LA/OC Chapter held the first MediaProCamp in June 2009. In February 2010 the San Diego Chapter held theirs and now other MCAI chapters around the country are planning MediaProCamps.

Who should attend?

Anyone working in any area of the media who wants to network with other professionals should be there. Whether you are in creative, technical, management , equipment manufacturing, hardware, software, support services, sales, education production or distribution you will find MCAI's MediaProCamp valuable. Attendees represent a wide variety of specialties including film, tv, radio, internet, print-just about everything you can think of.

What should I bring?

You don't really need to bring anything but your knowledge , opinions and willingness to share. Morning coffee etc. and lunch are included at no cost. However, you'll probably want to make notes so a pen and pad or a loptop will be useful. The most important item may be business cards-plenty of them. We suggest 50 or more. If you've got sample reels, headshots, brochures or other marketing materials bring some. There will be a table to put them on-free.

What Does It Cost?

MCAI's MediaProCamp  is all FREE, including morning coffee and lunch, but YOU MUST PRE-REGISTER ONLINE to attend.

EVENT: LA/OC Chapter of MCAI presents: MediaProCamp'11

DATE: Saturday June 4, 2011 / 8:30 AM to 3:00 PM

TIME: 8:30 Sign In /coffee, juice and pastry. Sessions start at 9:00 AM

LOCATION: Santa Ana College's Digital Media Center
1300 S. Bristol St.
Santa Ana CA 92704


Exit the 405 Freeway in Costa Mesa at Bristol and turn East/South toward South Coast Plaza. Drive East/South on Bristol about 3 miles past the intersection of Edinger and the DMC will be on your left. Continue to the traffic light at Wilshire to make a U-turn to get to the DMC or turn right onto Wilshire to enter the larger parking lot directly across from the DMC.

PARKING: There is limited parking around the building. Plenty of free parking is available in a lot directly across the Bristol. Enter it from Wilshire.