MCAI's MediaProCamp '13 Special Guest, Coach Marilyn McLeod

You Have a Book In You!
Lets Get it Out!

You have valuable life experiences. Consider the possibilities of sharing your knowledge and passion ... benefiting the world ... andmaking money doing it! Thats right! Turn your knowledge and passion into cash! Meet Coach Marilyn McLeod at MCAI's MediaProCamp on Saturday, June 8th and learn how easily you can become an author!

The event is FREE and includes AM coffee and lunch! But you must RSVP online NOW at

Have you been told "You should write a book" and then procrastinated ... because: You thought it cost too much?; You don't have time to organize you thoughts?; Publishers will take too much of your money?; You don't have space to store books?....and what about the legal problems!; What do I know that people will be interested in?

Well...put those negative thoughts away!

You are about to learn the advantages of self-publishing and publishing on demand from Business Coach Marilyn McLeod!

You are reading this correctly! You can learn to print 1 or 1001 books or more, as needed!...keeping costs down!

Your book can be out in as little as three weeks!

Coach Marilyn's presentation is part of MCAI's MediaProCamp '13 on saturday June 8th!  The event is FREE but you must RSVP online NOW at

 In mindmapping sessions, at MediaProCamp Coack Marilyn will teach how you can organize your thoughts efficiently; Learn how to access low cost, expert legal teams to assist you; Learn how you can identify and leverage your knowledge and passion; Learn how you can manage a robust social media marketing campaign!

 Coach Marilyn will give you an overview of the tools integral to catapult you to success as an author! You will put your book on the market in a short amount of time and learn to deploy marketing tools involving Internet TV, Radio and effective low cost social media marketing campaigns vital to today's modern entrepreneur.

 Put away your excuses and objections, roll up your sleeves and wrap your mind around yourself as an author! 

 Gain your most powerful business card....your own book!

 Even seasoned authors will gain from this workshop put on by Coach Marilyn. She is respected by some of the most successful international business leaders in the world. Marilyn McLeod has published 11 books on social media and other topics.

 You can learn how you can go from concept to publishing to international marketing campaign in less than a month!

 Already got your concept ready to go? Well...there is something in this presentation that you will want to see: How to effectively use social media to increase your chances of going viral! Coach Marilyn's expert social media management techniques will give you a glimpse of how you can successfully market your ideas using social media in a robust, low cost environment. 

 Do you know when to use Facebook? What day? What time of day?

What site is very popular with women? Men? Young people (with money!) Do you know howw can you launch your own television show to market your ideas?

 These and other questions on social media will be illuminated by one of the world's top life and business coaches, MCAI's Coach Marilyn McLeod!

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The event is FREE and includes AM coffee and lunch! But you must RSVP online NOW at