MCAI's MediaProCamp '13 Special Guest, Anne Ganguzza

Ten Top Tips to Help You Discover and Create
Your Personal Brand

Anne Ganguzza, founder of the successful VO Peeps is a nationally known trainer with a background in marketing. She has designed this special presentation for media pros attending MCAI"s MediaProCamp. Anne will discuss the top ten tips for a personal brand for your business, including tips to help accelerate and  personify your brand by utilizing popular online technologies.

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Identifying and marketing your personal brand is essential for the success of your business. Your ability to market your talents and accomplishments within your profession, industry and community are an integral part of enhancing your brand.  In order to be successful, it is critical to set yourself apart.  The demands of an unpredictable economy, along with a competitive and specialized marketplace, call for more clarity and focus than ever in identifying  your business model. The advancements of online technologies have made branding not only more personal, but within reach for all.  

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