MCAI's MediaProCamp '13 Special Presenter Walter Davis

Marketing on a Shoestring Budget:
How Internet TV and Radio can give you the competitive edge

 For the last three years people have flocked to Walter Davis' presentations at MCA-I's MediaProCamp sponsored by Panasonic. This June 8th he's back again by popular demand with a special demonstration on how you can use Internet TV and Radio to increase your business.

Walter will teach you to use low cost video and audio productions effectively to reach a worldwide audience. You'll earn to use video vaults and interactive social media tools to engage your audience. You will be exploring how Google, YouTube and Blogger accounts can be interfaced to drive profits. 

 Plus, you'll learn about the latest technology innovations relating to:

  • Google Hangouts
  • COMf5
  • Mobile Apps
  • Texting Campaigns
  • Auto Video Marketing Campaigns
  • Driving profits with video on demand

 You will learn how to develop webinars and how to use them effectively to automate your business flow. Explore e-Newsletters with embedded videos, triggers, analytics, and links. Become aware of ongoing training and learn how you can remain on the cutting edge of the rapidly evolving social media environment.

 Are you missing opportunities by not embracing Internet radio? Explore analytics that show you how you can experience tens of thousands of downloads of your content via one of the most robust, new, very low cost media outlets available today. 

 Walter Davis, CEO of Walter Davis Enterprises, is a business entrepreneur, new media production and marketing guru and host of talk shows on radio and cable. He has been a popular highlight presenter at our MCAI MediaProCamps and is recognized as a generous teacher. He's made a successful business with the same techniques and tools that he has generously shared at our events.

Walter Davis' special presentation is among many you will find at MCAI's MediaProCamp June 8th, 2013, organized by the LA/OC Chapter of the Media Communications Association-international.

 The Event is FREE but you must register on line at: