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DV Post News

Happy Birthday to Us!
DV Post was 6 years old on June 15th.  Now having lasted longer than a college education, it seems like we have learned even more about being in business than what a college education teaches you.  Not only has DV Post learned many new software programs besides Final Cut Pro, we have grown professionally due to continued contact with our clients and the professional trade organizations that we are a member of.  Our client list has gone from basically 0 to over 90!  That includes 60 businesses and over 30 individuals.  Thanks to all of you on our customer list.

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Every 15 Minutes

California fxMedia, Inc. produces Anti-Drinking-Driving Video/DVD for High School Students:

It was our pleasure to be involved with the community production of "Every 15 Minutes". This event is a simulation of a major traffic accident involving teenagers who were drinking and driving.
This event represented the fact that someone is killed on an average of every 15 minutes by the driver of a vehicle who has been impaired by the over consumption of alcohol or the use of drugs.
We video taped this ambitious simulation involving the Fire Department, Police Department, Coroner's Office, Helicopter Rescue Team, and the student body of Santa Fe High School.
The resulting 13 minute video was authored to DVD and 100 copies made and distributed to all participants and departments.

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