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Meet MCA-I Member Joe McDonald

Joe McDonald is a multi-talented pro who, over his ten-year career in media production, has done it all—everything from camera and lighting to set design and construction to directing and production management. Currently available as a production freelancer, he's also developing projects as the owner/producer for his newly formed, Cup of Joe Productions in Costa Mesa, CA. Did I mention he's a huge football fan and has shot a ton of sports as camera op (and more) including college football and AVP Pro Beach Vollyball?

After a stint in the US Navy, McDonald stayed on the east coast where he says he got addicted to college football. "I lived in Southern Virginia, which is where 'The South' begins," said Joe. "That said, college football is a disease of the south. Why would towns such as Knoxville, Gainesville, Tallahassee have 90,000 seat stadiums, and LA doesn't even have a pro football team?" 

But McDonald is a lot more than a talented sports cameraman. With an MA in Communications, TV & Film he's also a skilled director, producer and editor. Joe also spent a few years in the ranks of management supervising crews, facilities and more as Studio Operations Coordinator for the Christian Broadcasting Network—the international religious broadcasting behemoth which does news, talk entertainment and much more.

With over 200 sporting and live events, films, short films, and documentaries under his belt, McDonald knows the importance of not only being skilled but having the right attitude. "Others say that I am the first to arrive and the last to leave. And before I leave, I ask if there is anything else that needs to be done."

Joe also shoots weddings and live events for Dove Weddings, a boutique production company based in Mission Viejo as well as club basketball and hockey for The Gameshooters and Coronado Productions.

And talk about weddings...after his recent marriage Joe and his bride, Michelle, got to meet with Pope Francis! They were pleasantly surprised to have a private audience and receive the Pontiff's blessing. What a great way to start married life together!

When asked about MCA-I, McDonald mentioned that he attended a few meetings and liked the people. "It's all about connections," he said. "It's important to work with good and talented people and everyone I met was friendly and knows their stuff." So he joined MCA-I and immediately volunteered to help any way he could. "Whatever I do, I bring a good game with me, and I want to help make the OC a viable, thriving production community."  

So, if you're looking for a can-do production pro who can direct, produce, shoot and DP contact Joe McDonald This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Of course like all MCA-I Members, you can find Joe in the MCA-i Find-A-Pro directory