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President's Message

I get by with a little (ok maybe a lot of) help from my friends. Since July 1st, the start of my term as chapter president, I have been guided by the fact that the vast majority of our members are independent contractors. With information and networking available on the Internet, in order to remain relevant and of value to our fellow members, our organization needs to provide networking and educational opportunities that help us increase our income.

 With the addition of three new, terrific board members, Manny Pacheco, JL Slade, & Tom Smith, we have lots of fresh outlook and energy.   Because of them, we were able to offer paid members a free, professionally produced ‘elevator pitch’ video for use on their websites. We also had a wonderful presentation by Richard Theiss giving us an overview of his videography career, emphasizing his focus on underwater photography for which he was as good as one gets.

We also had a demonstration of aerial photography by board member JL Slade that is based on a fixed position, pole mounted camera that provides results that rival helicopter drones, without the risk and permitting. We just had a speaker—another member—to help us understand how to choose a film festival to help us highlight our work. We continue to plan meetings that provide instruction on the effective use of social media to help generate leads and revenue.

Our upcoming holiday party on December 14 will have raffles of equipment donated by a retiring member and a GoPro camera. Members of PVN, MAOC, & OCMMA and others will participate so it will be a good time to catch up with folks you might not have seen for a while.

Starting January 1, Brian Page, John Coleman, and I will serve on the International board as well as continue with our local duties. It is a return to the International board for all three of us. Brian will be the president-elect, John will an at-large member of the board and will continue to coordinate ProCamp activities, and I will be the treasurer.  

The entire board invites everyone to put their two cents in so we can be a better local chapter. With your help, 2015 will be a year where we provide greater value to you.

Best wishes for a happy holiday season and a healthy and successful new year.

--Art Kirsch, President, LA/OC Chapter of MCA-i