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Hector Gomez Awarded MCAI-OC's inaugural Alton Glass Future Filmmaker Award

At its annual MediaProCamp on June 14th 2014, MCA-I's LA/Orange County Chapter honored an outstanding student of media or young working professional with its inaugural Alton Glass Young Filmmaker Award. The recipient is Hector Gomez of Garden Grove, who finished his last semester at Santa Ana College this spring. Hector was nominated by his teachers who described him as hardworking and dedicated.  In presenting the award, noted independent filmmaker Glass said, "I'm honored to have my name on this award and very pleased to give this to a future filmmaker who exhibits creative drive, a dedication to be the best, and a love of the Media." Along with a beautiful crystal trophy, Hector received a cash prize and membership in MCA-i.

Alton Glass had met Hector last year when he visited Santa Ana College's TV department. "I was impressed by all the students then," said Alton. "But I didn't know that nine months later I would be awarding one of them this honor."  In the photo at left Hector and Alton are standing together, the third and fourth from the left respectively.

After the event, Hector Gomez expressed his appreciation in a letter to MCA-i:

This is a great honor and I cannot begin to express the extent of my gratitude. Thank you. I love making movies. The collaboration that takes place on a set is like a symphony of people working together to produce a few magical moments. What a great feeling. I remember sitting at Gear Monkey, the production facility in City of Orange where I interned, when out of the blue a man walks in wearing a Panavision T-shirt.  "hey man I like your shirt" I said to him.  We chatted about cinematography and really hit it off.  A couple days later we're standing side by side on the set of "Cracked', a short film yet to be released, as members of the camera department.  He was the 1st AC and I was the 2nd.  It was on that day that I knew what I wanted to do for the rest of my life, a true revelation.

(Photo at Right: Hector Gomez (R) with Dean Cundey, ASC)

I have worked on several projects and have collaborated with great people including Monofeed, Youth Entrepreneur Program, Orange County Film Society, Mark Palmerantz, Steve Nash of the Los Angeles Lakers, Striped Wax Bar and others. The Digital Media Center has provided a great learning environment for me and I am in debt to the faculty for teaching me the tools of the trade. I am constantly sharpening my skill as a filmmaker with fellow allumni. Together we are in the conceptual stages of creating a video production company. I look to the future with great aspirations of becoming better a student, filmmaker and overall person.

I grew up and still live in the city of Garden Grove. I skateboarded a lot when I was a kid, and my favorite thing about skateboarding were the videos. For the longest time I thought I'd be a skateboard videographer. I made my first movie in 2011 with my iPhone. It was a super simple story which featured my Oscar-worthy girlfriend as the star. While we were just messing around, it was very fun to do. The more I learn about making movies and the more experience I've had working on sets, I've realized I can't make up my mind between working in the camera department, grip department or the lighting department. I know I need to specialize in a specific area soon, but right now I'm having fun working and experimenting with all the different departments, building up my skills. All are extremely fun and integral to making movies.

(Photo at Right: Hector Gomez on set, Center)

The production company I've started with my two friends Joe Baltazar and Tony Villa is called 'Floating Lens Media.' We all met at Santa Ana College and realized we all share the same passion for movies. We plan on finding clients who need videos or video production done to hire us, and hopefully by word of mouth our business will grow. We will shoot video and edit as needed. I'm currently freelancing and will do whatever I can get experience - grip, lighting, camera, anything! What's most important to me is producing a high quality product that will please both the customer and me. Knowing my work has made somebody happy is more rewarding than any paycheck I could ever receive. To me there is no plan B - it's either make movies or nothing. After all is said and done, I want to make my parents, family, friends, and everyone else who has supported me proud of the career path I've chosen. 

Thank you! 

—Hector Gomez


(Abiove: Hector Gomez (center) on Set)