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An OC Treasure: The Silent River Film Festival Oct 17-20 2013 in Irvine

The Silent River Film Festival, now in its third year, is one of those remarkable events born of the passion of a filmmaker whose desire is to encourage other filmmakers, particularly women, independents, and students to bring stories to the screen that count.

While a wide variety of subjects are accepted from dozens of countries, the festival encourages submission of Cinema For Causes to raise awareness about issues that are important to all mankind, and provide them active support. Special awards are presented to this category of entry.

Founder Kalpna Singh-Chitnis, an Irvine resident, has been an acclaimed writer, poet from an early age. She was given the Title of Bihar Shree (The Jewel of Bihar) for her contribution to Hindi literature, when she was only 21. Also an accomplished actor and model, she went on to earn a Masters degree in political science and taught that subject before she took time off to start a family.   She went to film school a decade ago which led to her making several movies and starting the Silent River Film Festival.

Her career and the festival represent all that is good in the entertainment business – a personal ‘can-do’ attitude and a desire to help others who are taking their journey.

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