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Meet MCA-I Member Jean M. Davis

Jean Marie Davis has been an entertainer for as long as she can remember; participating in choirs, performing on stage and singing with local bands. So you won't be surprised to know that three years ago she became a talkshow producer and more recently her own on-camera host. It was a natural progression for the affable Davis.

Jean's original effort, co-hosting the On-Blast TV Network, which her friend Dionne Meadows started, has posted about two dozen shows on YouTube and is still going strong. "OBTV is a lot of fun. Dionne is wonderful and the show has been a great start for me," said Davis. "I'm passionate about disseminating today's hotbed issues and imparting crucial news and information to my viewers." Like that initial series, her new project, "The Jean Marie Show," is an effort to both entertain and inform, but the emphasis is more on people, such as interviewing authors. The series offers opinion and discussion of news, events and contemporary culture.

Jean is the first to admit her production's quality need improvement—but the content gets better with each show. "As a producer and a host I'm certainly a work in progress. So I'm looking forward to rubbing shoulders with the seasoned and skilled media professionals in MCA-I."

Being an active media producer may be a natural outgrowth of Jean Davis' entertainment instincts but it was not her first career choice. Growing up in Ohio she attended Kent State University majoring in Business. After moving to the LA area a number of years ago, she continued her education at University of Phoenix and University of LaVerne. She's put that education to good use in her 'Day Job' as Contract Administrator for the LA County Metropolitan Transportation Authority. Jean's been responsible for contracts totaling in tens of millions of dollars. Ask her and be prepared to sit back as she outlines a long list of duties including putting out RFPs, evaluating, analyzing and negotiating as well as supervising delivery, compliance and distribution. In the entertainment industry that's called a Producer!

Jean Davis was influenced by MCA-I LA/OC Chapter's president, Walter Davis, who is no relation. "I met Walter a few years ago and was impressed by his knowledge and generosity," Jean said. " I have followed his work since and finally realized it just made sense to participate in MCA-I as a member." Collaborating with other experienced pros is one of the most common reasons people join MCA-I. But it's a two way street, as Jean realizes. "I'm appreciative and humbled by the warm welcome I've received and ready to offer my support in any way I can."

So, if you need the help of a friendly, outgoing, talented producer-host—or if you can help her with content or production of her series—contact Jean Davis at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.