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Member Profile: Paul Fabian, Lighting Director and Gaffer

"It's all about the Lighting!" So says a guy who's known as an artist with light—Paul Fabian. Fabian is a consummate lighting professional of both film and video productions. He's shot in-studio and on-location all around the world. Specializing in small and independent productions, his company, Fabian Lighting and Grip, has been serving all of Orange County, Greater LA and San Diego productions and has everything you need.

"I pride myself on both great service and a great price," said Fabian. And his clients—from Producers to Directors of Photography concur: " His level-headed and experienced management of our crew helped us come in on schedule with a great-looking show!" exclaimed noted D.P., Dino Parks.

Producer Dyanna Lynn was even more complimentary. "Over the years I've been privileged and honored to work with Paul and I have seen first hand his professionalism, high standards of excellence, and his tireless effort to keep doing his best even in the wee hours of the morning. He takes unparalleled pride in his craft and has the highest respect of all those who work with him. Paul is exceptional at making every lighting job look great, regardless of the budget restraints, and is always my first call on every production."

Paul Fabian knows what you need for any situation and with 30 years experience he can take the ‘look’ of your production from Great to Amazing! Music videos, Infomercials, commercials, entertainment specials, documentaries and dramatic films all easily fall under Fabian's visual spell. Models, musicians, people and products from hair and cosmetics to clothing and cars all look better when Paul lights them to their best advantage.

Paul Fabian can be reached via e-mail at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.