"We've Got Balls," OC-Made Indy Feature to Debut at Newport Beach Film Fest

Videographer and editor, John Primm, a long-time member of MCA-I and proprietor of DV Post in Santa Ana, www.dvpostvideo.com proudly announced his involvement in a new feature film, We've Got Balls . "While the title sounds gross, it is a G-rated film," said Primm before adding, "It's really funny." 

 The film, premiering at Triangle Theater in Costa Mesa on Monday, April 29th at 7:30PM as part of the Newport Beach Film Festival, was shot in OC by 3 different DPs including MCA-I member, John Primm.  He also shared editing duties with Reinhard Schreiner. John took the feature from rough cut to completion, which included the use of After Effects to change the color of some of the bowling balls, among other things.

Written, directed and produced by Cherie Kerr of the Orange County Crazies, an improve group located in Santa Ana, the film was shot mostly at Fountain Bowl in Fountain Valley.  Like many indy features, it was a labor of love for everyone. Most of the actors and crew donated their time. The credit roll lasts for 5 minutes and includes all the extras — even the data recovery people who were able to recover things from a 6TB crashed drive! Talk about deserving credits!

The film has it's own website at http://www.wevegotballsmovie.com.

The Newport Beach Film Festival (April 25th- May 2nd) website promotes the film's as:  

When a filthy-rich land developer decides not to renew the lease on a bowling alley in Fountain Springs, all 52 people in this small town do everything they can to save it. Fountain Bowl, described as the "only thing they've got" by the townspeople, is about to come to an abrupt and tragic end unless they intervene. We've Got Balls is a heartwarming, quirky dark comedy that offers many laughs as it imparts the tender message that what might mean nothing to one person may mean everything to another.

The We've Got Balls will be shown at the Triangle Theater in Costa Mesa on Monday, April 29th at 7:30PM.

Tickets can be purchased at the theater before the show or at the Newport Beach Film Festival web site:  http://www.newportbeachfilmfest.com/2013