MCAI Member Markets his Feature Film--TV PREMIERE!

You may recall Craig Bentley's ongoing tale about the making and marketing of his feature documentary, Under the Boardwalk: The MONOPOLY Story. In his latest update, Craig reports that the film will premiere on KPBS, the San Diego PBS affiliate.

The special will include live interviews with Craig as part of their upcoming pledge drive. This is also the premiere of a special 51-minute version of UTB which has never aired anywhere before! If the showing goes well, that could lead to subsequent airings on KPBS, as well as other PBS affiliates around the country. Even if you don't get KPBS contact your local PBS outlet and tell them you'd like to see the film!

Also, as Monopoly fans have already heard through the media and through Craig's Facebook & Twitter feeds, the Iron token, which had been the longest-running original token, was the loser of last month's token vote run by Hasbro and will no longer be included in future sets of Monopoly. To replace the Iron, a new Cat token will be added to the game starting with the relaunch of the regular Monopoly sets in late summer.

As part of their ongoing marketing efforts Craig Bentley and his co-creators have partnered with TUGG - a website that brings movies that YOU want to your local movie theater. 

Request that your local theater host Under the Boardwalk! 

For more details about the film and behind-the-scene marketing and distribution details go to their website: