Meet MCA-I Member Ayanna Mojica

As one of our chapter’s newest members, Author, Educator, Artist, Metaphysical Guide and internet TV Producer, Ayanna Mojica ( immediately volunteered to help any way she could.  When 2012 yearly elections came around she offered her services as the chapter Secretary, was elected and will serve until June of 2013. Ayanna says she “joined the Media Communications Association to meet other professionals and explore ways of using various media in my work. I’ve met some wonderful people and learned a great deal.”

As an author, Ayanna illustrates the subtleties within relationships, sexuality and money in her e-book, Deep Treasures: Exploring the Dynamic Relationship Between Sex and Money. The book is now available for download at Ten percent of all sales is donated to rehabilitate children rescued from sex slavery.

Ayanna Mojica, MFA, Masters in Fine Arts, can accurately be described as a Renaissance woman.  An author, spiritual teacher, dancer and artist, for over 30 years she has taught thousands in colleges and universities, public schools, churches, temples, Bible schools, prisons, shelters and metaphysical centers. Ayanna is Founder and CEO of The Golden Chalice, which includes a Mystery School as well as a platform for creating sustainable wealth.

In 2011, Ayanna was invited to address a group of young Sudanese professionals at the American University in Cairo, Egypt. That’s when the travel bug bit her. As a result, she now leads fellow travelers on trips to visit the temples of ancient Egypt, and leads journeys to the South of France to explore the mysteries of Mary Magdalen.