Travis Voices Disney/Marvel Film “The Avengers”

When the Walt Disney Company and Marvel Entertainment produced the mega-hit, “The Avengers,”  they spent a fortune bringing the action and adventure to audiences around the world. Without careful consideration a small but important part of that audience might have been have been left out – those who are visually impaired.  However, Disney elected to add “Audio Description” to the movie – which allows those attending the film to hear a complete description of all the action on the screen.  To accomplish this, Disney tapped the voice-over services of MCA-i member “Travis”.

Newport Beached based voice-talent, (who goes professionally by the one name “Travis”) made frequent trips to Burbank to record descriptions of the scenes for the audience.  “This, for me is the ultimate voiceover gig.” Travis says.  “I get to see the film before it’s released, it’s great fun, and for a small but important part of the audience, I’m the star of the show!  I also get to feel like I’m accomplishing something worthwhile.  I don’t think you can ask for a more rewarding voiceover job.”

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