Mark Alexander Wins MCA-I Silver Reel Award

  Mark Alexander, President of Verdict Videos and board member of the LA/Orange County MCA-I chapter, has received a Silver Reel Award for a video submitted to the 2012 Media Communications Association-International Media Festival. “This is fantastic and we’re very happy that our work has been recognized for quality and effective communication by our peers” said Alexander.

Verdict Videos produces documentary style videos that are used primarily by plaintiff attorneys to show liability, damages or both in cases where a client has been injured physically, financially and emotionally as the result of an accident, negligence or malice.

For the annual MCA-I Media Festival, the stated goals of a video are weighed heavily as one of the judging criteria along with technical and creative production values. “The stakes are quite high in these cases and the video needs to present the matter in a way that effectively conveys the full scope of the actions by people or companies on the lives of our clients. It is viewed by decision makers who hold our clients futures in their hands, ”
said Alexander.

Feedback from the judges is one of the hallmarks of MCA-I’s Media Festival. During the course of viewing the submissions, the judging panel takes notes and offers constructive criticism that is then sent to the producers. Another aspect of the awards which many professionals like is that judging is non competitive and evaluated on its own merits. So in theory every entry could win a top award.

“I haven’t seen the comments yet but I look forward to learning what worked and more importantly, where we can continue to improve” Alexander says. “For me, this is one of the best parts of this festival and for that matter MCA-I in general. We are all in this together and support and encourage each other to improve and grow as media professionals.”