MCA-i Members Teach Teens Media Skills

MCAI members John Coleman and Art Kirsch, along with other OC professionals, have been teaching “at-risk” teens various media skills since September as part of the Santa Ana Library’s “Seeds to Trees” career training program.

Producer-director John W. Coleman, Executive Producer of Twin Oaks Communications     gathered a few of his friends to help the kids out, including Producer-Web Publisher, Art Kirsch of Kirsch is the treasurer of MCA-I’s LA/OC Chapter and Coleman is a past president.

He also enlisted screenwriter Mark Sevi, founder of OC Screenwriters Association; composer-musician Rick Sherman of Sherman Sound Suite and artist-animator, Terry Syndergaard of Team Video & Animation

Over the course of the 2011-2012 school year these media experts have been teaching professional skills and attitudes to a few dozen youngsters who need a positive direction in life. The students are having fun while learning the basics of various media skills in what could be described as an after-school program funded by a government grant. Coleman and friends have all reported the experience to be both challenging and rewarding.