New Member Profile: Curt Byk

Curt Byk is a voice actor with a rich media background who recently joined MCA-I. In fact, although a new member of MCA-I, this isn’t his first involvement with the organization. While managing the US recording media business for a...

Japanese manufacturer, Curt was a member of the ITVA, the original name of what is today MCA-I. He found it a valuable business affiliation then and told us recently that he re-joined because couldn’t pass up the new, lower dues!

Curt has been a participant in the media industry most of his career, starting as an advertising sales manager for technology trade publications.  He describes his gravitation to voicing as the subtle placement of an apostrophe, saying that he has moved from “telling clients stories to telling clients’ stories.”

Curt’s style has been described as warm, friendly and engaging.  A recent revamp of his home studio has resulted in elevation of the quality of product he is delivering to clients to complement on-time delivery.

He has always subscribed to the philosophy of becoming an expert in his customers’ businesses in order to help them solve problems and move them towards their goals.  His global and national business experience is a great benefit in properly servicing his voice clients.

With the demise of Web 1.0, Byk embarked on the adventure of being a stay-at-home dad to his two daughters.  With time, he realized that he needed to satisfy his own creative and professional urges. The disparate promptings of his wife, an architect and a children’s worship leader pointed him toward the pursuit of voicing.  An unexpected bonus that evolved from the new career has been the embracing of improv as a creative outlet. Like golf, it enables him to vent a wide range of emotions.  Unlike golf, it doesn’t take nearly as much time or money to participate.

A big believer in giving back to communities that he is part of, Curt has found that objective fulfilled by his association with James Alburger and Penny Abshire in producing VOICE, the largest and leading global conference for voice over artists and voice actors.  The next iteration of VOICE will be in mid-2012. When Curt isn’t submitting auditions, he is focused on planning an enriching experience for attendees at VOICE 2012.

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