Studio Relocates to Anaheim!

The Silver Dream Factory, OC’s only sound stage with standing sets, relocated to Anaheim in late 2010 and last month held an open house at their impressive new studio. Owner, Roland Cañamar, put on a great bash, complete with fabulous food and hilarious entertainment. But for me it was a busman’s holiday. I was there to see the facility.

First and foremost, the new stage is located just within the Thirtyalt Mile Zone

(TMZ)  which means that it’s a desirable spot for Hollywood union shoots. The overall building is easily three times the size of the original Silver Dream Factory (formerly in Aliso Viejo) and is not far from the freeway.


Besides some excellent standing sets, the Building has a large open

production space I’d estimate to be about 2500 ft square. In addition, off to one corner is a good size cyc with green screen. It’s 30’ x 35’ with a very useful 18 ft. return on the third side. Ceilings are nice and high throughout—perfect for high shots and lots of flexibility in lighting.

More about the studio in a sec, but I’ve got to say that Roland was a great host. He presented a delicious and bountiful buffet catered by Bedazzled of Anaheim a regular vendor at the studio.  I’d shoot there just for the craft services! Some hilarious entertainment was also included which made it a real party. Of course, there was lots of schmoozing with many of OC’s and LA’s well-known industry folks present. I got to catch up with a number of friends and colleagues.

altI attended with fellow MCAI member, actress altMarla Stone, and ran into another member, Brian Page. They both had fun in the jail cells—no, not together.

Speaking of jail, that’s one of the most in-demand standing sets at Silver Dream Factory. They’ve built an appropriately musty-looking police station with 2 cells and a great ‘Squad room’ as well others—a really impressive complex.

The other sprawling set is a well-scrubbed hospital complete with hallway, waiting room, elevator, and private room. Silver Dream Factory’s Studio Manager and Marketing Guy, Tom Jennings, even booked some actors to populate the hospital room and jail cells during the party.

A bunch of futurealt filmmakeralts from Santa Ana College  seemed to really enjoy the hospital setting.  Roland has a reputation for working with filmmakers and students to make things happen even on a small budget and he told me that more than one Chapman University film crew has used the studio in the few short months it’s been open.

One of the hardest to find sets—and usually most expensive—is an airplane interior. Silver Dream has a 727 half-cabin, perfect for film and television production.

Along with all the requisite support areas such as make-up, altdressing rooms, lounges, etc., Silver Dream Factory is an impressive, professional facility. And as a producer-director and DP for many years, Roland Canamar can make available just about anything your production may need, from lights to crew.



Check out more photos from the open house on my MCAI Community page


1181 N. Knollwood Cir.
Anaheim CA 92803