Three Members Honored

At the January 2011 meeting of MCAI’s LA/OC Chapter three members were singled out for special recognition with a “Shining Star Award” from the Chapter.

MCAI-jan'11 On behalf of the chapter’s Board, president Mark Alexander offered kudos and compliments to Eva Crabbs, (L) John Coleman 3rd from left)  and Grace McKay (2nd from left) for their service to the organization over the past year.

Alexander pointed out that Crabbs, a current member of the Chapter’s Board of Directors, seems like the first to volunteer for a long list of duties including organizing events and food for meetings. Coleman notably helped organize the MediaProCamp events and with his company, Twin Oaks Communications, edits the monthly newsletter. As one of the chapter’s earliest members, Grace McKay of Electric Pictures earned more than her share of “Shining Star Awards” over the years. This one was to thank her for her most recent service as webmaster and her unofficial role as devil’s advocate on just about every subject before the board.

The Shining Star Award is one of the top methods of recognition given to members of Media Communication Association-international for service to the organization and the professional community.