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Bently Feature Film Premieres Oct 15, 2010 in Anaheim!

Filmmaker and MCAI member, Craig Bently has been sharing the ups and downs of financing, producing and marketing his feature documentary, "Under The Boardwalk: The MONOPOLY Story." Now, your'e invited to the World Premier at the Anaheim International Film Festival on October 17th! Here's his update:

Hello All,

Great news - Under the Boardwalk will be having its world premiere in just a couple of weeks at the Anaheim International Film Festival!  That will be followed by screenings at the Austin Film Fest the next week in Texas.

Most of you are closer to Anaheim than Austin, but we'd love to have you join us at either festival.  Below are screening times and ticket info.  Spread the word to everyone you know - the more seats we fill, the better our publicity will be!  (For all of our San Diego friends, we still hope to have theatrical screenings in SD at some point in the future, but why wait - join us in Anaheim if you can!)

Upcoming Screenings of the Film:


Anaheim International Film Festival - Gardenwalk Ultrastar

Fri, October 15, 4pm

Sun, October 17, 7pm

Tickets for screenings are $10 - click on the link above for info.  The box office opens on 10/1 and online ordering is supposed to begin soon.  We and some of our cast members will have a Q&A session after both screenings.   We're also working on plans for a little celebratory get-together after the Sunday screening, and possibly after the Friday screening as well.  RSVP on the Event tab at our facebook page to stay up to date!

Austin Film Festival

Sat, October 23, 7:15pm, Regal Arbor Theaters

Tues, October 26, 6pm, Spirit Theater

Tickets available day of screening only, but festival passes can be purchased here.  RSVP on the Event tab at our facebook page to stay up to date!


Chicago Toy & Game Fair (CHITAG), Chicago, IL (non-theatrical screening)

Sat, November 20, ~5PM

We plan to provide screening tickets to those who play in a Monopoly tournament we'll be holding at the fair.


Monopoly Documentary News

We recently received word that the Fair Use Project has certified our film!  As described last month, this means that we are able to include a large number of MONOPOLY-related tv & movie clips within our film at no cost to us.

We are currently racing to get posters and postcards printed, and even finish the film itself.  One of the final touches is color grading being done up in L.A. by the colorist from Encounters at the End of the World, Werner Herzog's Oscar-nominated documentary.  We should also receive our official MPAA rating this week.

As we are nearing completion, based on the state of the industry, it is looking like we may have the best chance of making a profit if we handle distribution of the film ourselves.  As such, we are looking to raise additional funds to cover some of these expenses.  If you are interested in investing, or know someone who might be interested in coming on board, please get in touch with us soon.


Interesting Monopoly Links or Stories

Last week, Kevin recorded an interview about the game of MONOPOLY and our documentary with the "Game Night Guys" podcast , which was recently listed in the "New & Noteworthy" section on iTunes.  The guys put out a new podcast each week dedicated to a different classic game, and their Monopoly episode will be published on October 5th. You can check out their website at

- Here's a little article on the new Rolling Stones MONOPOLY edition:


Future Monopoly Movie Updates

We prepare a similar update every month for those who are on the mailing list at our website (you can see this month's update here).  If up to now you have received my personal monthly updates, next month you will start receiving the official mailing list update instead.  (We use Constant Contact, so your address will never be given out, and unsubscribing is instant with SafeUnsubscribe.)


As always, please encourage your friends and family to sign up for our mailing list on and to follow us on Twitter: @MonopolyDoc.

We'll see you in Anaheim!  Or Austin!  Or perhaps in Chicago?

Thanks to all for your support in getting us to this point,

Craig Bentley, Producer

Under the Boardwalk: The MONOPOLY Story