Monopoly Doc Marketing

We’ve been following the process of financing, shooting and finishing a feature length documentary on Monopoly, by fellow MCAI member Craig Bentley of the San Diego Chapter. In his most recent update the subject is marketing his film.

Greetings All!

After pushing for months to get the film finished, a somewhat quiet August has given us a chance to catch our breath.  We're currently awaiting responses from several film festivals that we could potentially be playing in October and early November.  Unfortunately, we did not get selected to screen at the Toronto Film Festival next month, but we're not discouraged.  (Super Size Me was rejected by about half the festivals it entered!)

On the brighter side, we were accepted into the Fair Use Project at Stanford University.  At no charge, their legal team reviews your use of unlicensed tv and movie clips - something our film has a lot of to show all the Monopoly references in pop culture (and for which there's no way we could afford all the rights fees!).  Kevin did a stellar job of collecting all the clips, and also knowing copyright law well enough for us to use them in a legal way.  We're awaiting the final review, but their initial pass approved all but three of about three dozen clips.

As soon as we get final word from the Fair Use Project, we'll take the film to LA for final color correction and audio sweetening, as well as submitting to the MPAA for a rating (G or PG).  We hope getting the film rated -- as opposed to sticking with a "Film Not Rated" -- will help assure parents that our film is suitable for family viewing.

Last week Hasbro asked permission to make copies for all of their sales reps worldwide, so they can figure out how they can help support the film around the globe.

We've also just finished a mockup of the movie poster for our film!  This poster will primarily be used at film festivals (and hopefully other movie theaters), but we could also adapt it for DVD covers and advertising.

While we have enough money to finish making the film, we have very little leftover with which to promote the film, so let me know if you or anyone you know is interested in investing.  Depending on how we end up distributing the film, effective promotion may end up being a key to success!

MONOPOLY Strategy Tip:

Knowing the Chance & Community Chest cards - Nine Community Chest and only two Chance cards will pay you money. Nine Chance cards and only one Community Chest card move you to another space. What this means to you all is that late in the game when many properties have been developed, the cards that will move you to Boardwalk, Illinois Ave, St. Charles Place, or railroads can be deadly! Try to keep track of when those cards have come up in the deck as the order of drawing the cards will generally not change during a game. Be careful building additional houses and hotels on your properties if you have not yet seen the building assessment cards yet, because if you have to tear down your buildings, you'll immediately lose 50% of their value!

That's all for now.  As always, please encourage your friends and family to sign up for our mailing list on and to follow us on Twitter: @MonopolyDoc.


Craig Bentley, Producer Under the Boardwalk: The MONOPOLY Story