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Monopoly Movie Update June '10

We've been following Filmmaker and MCAI member, Craig Bentley, who's currently doing the "Dance of the Film Festivals" with his full length documentary on Monopoly, Under The Boardwalk. Ahhh, what we do for our art! Here's his Update.

Greetings Monop Doc fans!

Good news - we were granted a one-month extension for the Toronto Film Festival, so today we shipped off a much more finished film to them (see below for details). Because it's a longshot for any film to get into Toronto (probably only about 1 in 25 are accepted), we've also entered two other fall fests, the Hamptons Film Festival and the Heartland Film Festival.

Monopoly Documentary News

Based on feedback from Hollywood film festival types who viewed a rough cut, Kevin flew back east two weeks ago and filmed four more interviews in Florida and New England, all of which are now included in the film.

But the big news is that Zachary Levi (star of Chuck on NBC) came on board to do the narration for the film! We recorded with him in L.A. last Friday - photos here: In addition to Chuck, he is the lead voice in the next big Disney animated release, Tangled. And, I might add, an incredibly nice guy to work with!

Our music score is about 95% done, and we're polishing up some graphics and animation sequences, then the film will be complete! Kevin and I will be traveling back to Pawtucket, RI in a week and a half to present the film to Hasbro per our permission agreement with them. Shortly after that screening, we're scheduled to do a second one in Hasbro's Los Angeles office, which should include key Hasbro entertainment executives, and possibly other Hollywood show-biz types as well. As I've mentioned before, Hasbro has offered marketing support, and will scale that based on what distribution channels we end up working through.

Our Monopoly facebook page now has over 330,000 fans, and over 1,000 people around the world have demanded a screening of the film on (

Interesting MONOPOLY Links or Stories

  • If you see Toy Story 3, keep your eyes open for a nice cameo of MONOPOLY money about 2/3 of the way through!
  • We're always looking for more investors, so let me know if you or anyone you know is interested. Please encourage your friends and family to sign up for our mailing list on and to follow us on Twitter: @MonopolyDoc. If you want to be removed from this Monopoly Doc update list, just click reply and let me know.

(Whew, another close one - pressing Send with less than 90 minutes left in the month of June!)

Until next month!

Craig Bentley

Producer, Under The Boardwalk


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