MCAI Member Posting His Feature Documentary

San Diego Chapter member, Craig Bently, is getting close to the end of a two year journey to capture the passion (and addiction) of Monopoly (The Hasbro-Parker Bros game) players in a feature length film, "Under The Boardwalk--A monopoly Documentary." He's still looking for investors and distribution. Here's his latest update.

Craig Writes:

Last weekend, we were in San Jose to film a game of MONOPOLY with four of the US Championship finalists who are featured in our film. We got some great footage that we'll use during the end credits of the film. We also had our shoot written up in Sunday's San Jose Mercury News--you can read the article and see some photos here:

Additional photos of the event are at To find out more about Monopoly in the Park where we filmed last weekend, visit

We continue to be very busy editing the film. It's currently under two hours with a target running time of under 1 hr 45 mins. We've been doing some small focus group testing with our rough cuts to ensure that the structure of the film has a nice flow and keeps the audience's interest.

Kevin Tostado and Jordan Guzzardo will be flying back east next week to film some final segments with the main MONOPOLY historian, Phil Orbanes, in Boston. While back east, they'll also head to New York to shoot some priceless MONOPOLY sets in the Forbes Museum, including a round set designed on a tablecloth by Charles Darrow himself!

For the month of March, we ran a series of contests on Twitter to help build our presence online under @MonopolyDoc. During the month, we were able to double our number of followers on Twitter and had over 2000 tweets posting a link to our website! We'll run this promotion again in May and have some great prizes to give out thanks to USAopoly.

We added a new investor this month and we're always looking for more, so let me know if you or anyone you know is interested. Also, please encourage your friends and family to sign up for our mailing list on

Thanks for reading!

Craig Bentley

Producer, Under The Boardwalk