Producer Art Kirsch's New Film Ready to Premiere

One of our board members, Art Kirsch, formed an all volunteer film-making group called Day Job Productions. Its impressive first product, Remembrance, is now complete and ready for release. Besides looking for his next project, (and of course funding) Art is currently searching for a venue for the film's premiere in May.

The premiere will host the 75 people who participated on this project, their guests, VIPs and others. A pre-release version has been running on Cox Cable's channel 39 (Orange County) but sometime in May you'll get to see the final cut!

Remembrance Film posterRemembrance delivers a timeless message that the casualties of war often lie far beyond the battlefield, affecting the soldiers, their families and friends. Remembrance clearly illustrates this and Art is in the process of working with organizations, both military and civilian, about using Remembrance to illustrate why many suffer from Post Traumatic Stress with the hope it will help those involved better understand the devastating effect that "survivor's guilt" can have on some soldiers and help them deal with it.

Due to the hard work and talent of Art's volunteer crew the film looks like it was made for 20 times the actual budget. With only $5,000 thrown together by small contributions, Art recruited actors, construction crew and materials, props, and finally a post-production crew to volunteer their time at no charge. The estimated value of contributed materials, locations, and labor is about $50,000.

Kirsch is looking for his next project to produce under the Day Job Productions banner in what he calls "sandlot film-making." That entails enlisting many people who have non-industry day jobs but would rather be making films. View a trailer at

If you want to help Day Job Productions with a donation, volunteer for the next film or just jaw about what the heck a producer really DOES, you can contact Art at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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