New Member: Julie Nagode

MCAI membership is open to both experienced veterans and talented newcomers. One of our newest members, Julie Nagode, is new to the professional world of voice-overs. She's found that whatever your level of experience, MCAI provides valuable networking as well as business & production benefits.

Julie joined MCAI earlier this year after attending a number of our monthly meetings and getting to know many of the chapter's members. She had just hung out her VO shingle and was looking to make associations that could help her business and provide other support. "I know doing this professionally takes practice, perseverance, and patience, " Nagode told us. "And meeting all the wonderful people at MCAI makes my endeavor so much easier. The members of MCAI have truly been an inspiration."

Through MCI Julie has met producers, filmmakers and other potential clients as well as other performers. In fact, she first heard about he organization while enrolled in Tim Keenan's well-respected VO Workshop at Creative Media Recording. "I took Mr. Keenan's informative and fun workshop and truly enjoyed it."

While Julie Nagode is new to the voice performer business, she says she's been using her voice professionally for years. "I guess you could say that my career in voice-over began twenty years ago while working as a telemarketer for the Orange County Register. Yes...I was one of those pests who called your home to ask how your service with the paper was going. As I calmly and slowly persuaded the home owner to try the paper again I would get a comment like, 'I'm only doing this because of your voice.' Sixty percent of my reorders were due to my reassuring and honest voice!"

Many years later while teaching first grade Julie again realized how important it is to use your voice in an effective manner to get the attention of those! Finally, she made the leap and enrolled in a voice over class at Del Mar Media Arts in Irvine. Julie Nagode was hooked.

"OMG what fun!" she wrote."The final class was a reading for an agent and her response to me was, 'When are you available?!' I will never forget those four words!" Tim Keenan's workshop followed and she never looked back!

The rest is history-even if it is modern history. Since then, Julie has been trained in commercial spots, ear prompting, teleprompting, voice for animation and narration. And yes, she's open for business and ready to audition!

To welcome Julie to MCAI or to book her for a voice-over email her directly at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.