New Member: Eva Crabbs

As you must already know, MCAI members come from every area of the media industry. The three newest members of the LA/Orange County Chapter are a good example: an engineer, a voice over artist and a producer. Meet Eva Crabbs--a lot more than an engineer...
Eva Crabbs' background includes 10 years as a Broadcast Engineer for at NBC in Burbank as well as another 2 years as a Technical Director at Sony. "I am now working in media produced for the internet," she says, "but I'm available to assist on any kind of production." When you hire Eva however, you get a lot more than a production engineer/operator.

Eva also has an extensive background in real estate and enjoys public speaking, ocean kayaking, hiking, visual arts, and the cultivation of 25 varieties of fruit trees. She's got the energy of an athlete and the skills of a producer. Since joining MCAI, She's put some of that energy and creativity into organizing chapter events. She was a major player in the successful MediaProCamp earlier this summer and is currently spearheading efforts for the chapter's annual Holiday Party in December.

BUT, she's never too busy for a paying gig! If you want to welcome Eva to MCAI-or Better yet talk to her about helping you on a production, email her at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.