Janeane Bernstein Is Also A Covergirl!

So, we picked up the very last copy of the November 08 issue of OC Family Magazine and guess who’s smiling face was staring at us? Yep, it was VO and on-camera actress, radio personality and concert-promoter all-rolled-into-one, Janeane Bernstein! images


And she was surrounded by her two beautiful daughters! How many other cover-girls pose with their kids?

Janeane was the lead item in the mag’s cover story on “Moms Who Rock.” She was picked because, as a hard working mom she rocks—literally! As a musician since age 14, she was motivated to organize Momapalooza Rocks The OC! Now an annual OC event every May, it’s part of an international non-profit music festival featuring Mom musicians, singer/songwriters, writers, comediennes, and other Moms in the arts.

Now the question is, will Janeane add modeling to her long list of professional activities which already includes her on-camera appearances, VO work (done at her own Rock Wren Studios ) and a DJ gig at that “other, other radio station”, KUCI 88.9 FM?