Marcelo Lewin’s PIXEL HEADS Network is Acquired by proMAX Systems

Who do you meet at MCAI meetings? Well, in the case of Marcelo Lewin, it’s the guy who’s going to acquire your company!! Marcelo was a guest speaker at an MCAI meeting and Jess Hartmann, CEO of proMax Systems was in the crowd. Jess liked what he heard and the rest is history! The acquisition was formally announced on December 16, 2008. images

"ProMAX acquired Pixel Heads Network because the content, information, and value they are providing to the industry is directly in line with our vision." stated Jess. "Our goal as a value added reseller is to focus on the service we provide to our clients. Ultimately you can purchase products from many vendors, in person or on the web. But what you can't get everywhere are the product and technical experts guiding you through the purchase and support process. Pixel Heads Network is just another example of how we want to bring industry expertise and knowledge to our customers."

Read Marcelo’s blog for more details. And congratulations to both Marcelo and Jess!