Here's the hottest buzz on various MCAI pro's current business activities.  We're working in every media from TV sports to radio spots: corporate presentations to the internet. Contact these members directly to learn what they can do for your business! And be sure to meet them and others personally at our monthly meetings.

Producer-director-writer and the Creative Honcho for Twin Oaks Communications, John W. Coleman, has just wrapped a one-hour documentary for SPEED Channel on the 34th annual Monterey Historic Automobile Races. It’s his 12th year producing the show.  Besides a large production truck cutting 12 plus cameras, Coleman had hand-held camera teams roaming the Monterey Peninsula covering numerous rallys, auctions, parties and famous events such as the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance.

Smiling Gary Stone of Gold Standard Productions is working on a "lifestyle" web video project for Linksys that features their products in residential applications. Also, he's developing a long-form video for a local GM dealership that features the new vehicle models and dealer services.

Hey, Dude! Marcelo Lewin, The Digital Media Dude, has just finished shooting and editing 3 high energy videos for “Web People”.    He is currently working now on a Web Content Management system and has just finished 2 web site redesigns for 2 clients.  If you need a web site redesigned or want to add video to your site, give him a call! 

Say What? Creative Media Recording under the guidance of master recording engineer, Tim Keenan, recently completed the recording of a Spanish version of an entire audio book entitled The Silent Garden, an educational book by Dr Paul Ogden, aimed at parents of deaf children. Butte Publications contracted with CMR to create an audio version to supplement the print version. The book and audio contain helpful insights and firsthand stories for parents who are confronted with raising a hearing impaired child in today’s society. The final program was over 3 hours of material mastered onto three audio CDs.

And speaking of CMR…. Member Bill A. Jones was there recently doing VO for a new Infomercial starring Hugh Downs, as well as for a Missouri museum called the “Youseum.”   Bill and his Dog Creek Productions, recently provided voiceover work for the TV show “Tim & Eric Awesome Show Great Job.”  A frequently hilarious non-animated part of the Cartoon Network Adult Swim block of programming, the website for the show is 

On Camera, Bill was an unwelcome guest of the Geico Cavemen’s party at and as a Tradeshow Narrator will be working for Mellanox at the Super Computing Show in Reno mid-November.   Did you also know he’s a sought-after crooner? Catch his dulcet tones at the Irvine Marriott November 4th and The Universal Hilton New Year’s Eve.  For details go to and click on “News.”   

  Multi-creative production maven, Erik Villesvik, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  recently did the light design and sound design as well as some video editing for the critically acclaimed Imperial Rome exhibit at the brand new Muzeo in Anaheim. Sounds simple? Audio consisted of 10 audio environments from music performed on ancient Roman instruments and included artfully mixing pieces together to create more complex and emotional environments. Lighting included 100+ instruments. And you thought Rome  was the dark ages! The video portion included a 15 minute repeating piece focusing on Roman architecture. Whew! Somebody peel this guy a grape! 

  Did you know one of the largest duplication houses in the country is right here in OC? The Irvine studios of Atlantic Pacific Media are one of 6 shops around the US. Long time MCAI member and owner of Atlantic Pacific Media, Karl Renwanz, reports a sharp increase in HDCAM and DVCPro HD transfers as well as rental of their HD machines.  Both corporate and advertising projects have kept the High Def machines humming for the past month.

 Noted on-camera spokesman and voice-over artist, Derek Partridge, is scheduled fly to London to host and narrate: “Leslie Howard…A Quite Remarkable Life”.  Speaking of remarkable lives…someone should tell Derek’s story:  In 1943, the young master Partridge—aged 7—was taken off Flight 777 from Lisbon to Bristol, so VIP Leslie Howard (best known as Ashley in “Gone With The Wind”) could take his seat. The Luftwaffe shot down the Dakota over the Bay of Biscay.  Derek is currently also narrating a documentary about Charles Lindbergh for Prime Cut’s Frank Battaglia.

The can-do producer, Haylee Twombley, just wrapped her months-long gig as Associate Producer on "Hampton High", a Go-Go Luckey Production. Currently, she is producing for Wumbus Corporation- an OC Production Company.  She’s glad to return to shooting in the OC. Glad to have you back, Haylee!

  Writer, producer, director (and Lifetime MCA-I member), Bill Ennis, www.MediaMagic.TV is in post production on two shows for Fox Sports (FSN). This is the 6th year Ennis has produced the Ms. Fitness USA and Ms. Fitness World TV shows for them. Ennis is also producing an employee orientation DVD for PBC Construction's 650 employees. The DVD will be done in both English and Spanish. Muy Bueno!

Sherman Sound Suite, under the baton of maestro, Rick Sherman, recently completed sweetening and the final audio mix for ColorBlind, a one-hour documentary by Producer/Director Pamela Peak. The feature film will be shown on PBS stations across the country in January and February. Composer Rick Sherman also completed music composition, recording, and the final mix on the 30-second and 20-second promotional spots for the documentary. Sherman Sound Suite, located in Irvine, also provided voice-over recording for Teen Challenge for a drug awareness video, and is finishing up an original music composition for a film short for that organization.

Longtime member, Grace McKay,  provides film transfer and post-production services  in Orange County through her studio, Electric Pictures.

  After wrapping a number of short segments for SPEED Channel, Grace returned to post production on the nationally syndicated series, "Your Cancer Today," shot here in OC.

She’s also working on a promotional video for Property By Net, an event video for Air Pacific airline, and a web video for Qantas Vacations.

The Language Connection and CEO, Arturo Valdivia has recently entered into a working relationship with a major Orange County post production facility to translate, cast, dub and direct feature films to be used in the airline industry. Languages involved in this project include French, German and Italian.

On the Voice Over over side of the spectrum, a 30 second TV spot for the World Food Program sponsored by the Yum Brands was translated, adapted and recorded in Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, Korean, French and German using local studios in Orange County and L.A.

Remember the “I” in MCAI stands for international!

Longtime member, Lee Gluckman, Chairman of both the US International Film and Video Festival and the Mobius Advertising awards reminded us that he was active even before our organization changed its name from ITVA!  He also reminded us that the Mobius is still accepting late entries (student submissions are welcome) and that entries for the US Internationals Film and Video Festival will be accepted starting December 1st!

The proud new owner of two — count ‘em, two — RED Cameras, Brad Hagen, president and founder of Video Resources, Inc has been on the seminar circuit with proMAX, most recently explaining RED to a professional crowd at Chapman University. Brad is renting the native 4K cameras with support services for feature films and other productions and the response has been great!  Brad also announced the addition of full time 3D artist Patrick Kelly to the VR staff. Patrick a talented animator with many years of experience and is available to work on other production companies’ projects.

Our talented, MCAI LA/OC Chapter President and voice talent, Tina Wilson, is working with Marc Cashman of Cashman Commercials in LA doing test commercials of all kinds. Did you know she’s also a talented chanteuse? If you’ve got a band she’d like to jam with you! She has also been booked as a guest –that’s right guest—not announcer—on the local cable TV show  “Conversations With Wolfgang.”  Life Coach, Wolfgang Christoph, will be talking to her about her career.

Producer, videographer and editor, Larry Goldsmith This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. has been gathering a core group of media professionals at the Visual Design Center on Von Karman Ave. to open offices in the same complex.  Larry is pleased to announce that Dennis Backer and Rick Sherman are joining our group of media professionals.

If you are looking for any kind of media talent-from writing, directing and producing to performers on-camera and VO to editors, animators, gaffers and production suppliers to videographers, location managers, internet designers, programmers-and more-check out the DIRECTORY OF MEMBERS at

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