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Bill Jones on CBS March 20

Watch for member Bill A. Jones on CBS-TV's "The King of Queens" March 20th.
(Date subject to change, so check your listings for the episode titled "Sold-y Locks"). 

Said Bill, "Kevin and Leah (two of the stars) were great to work with.  And I got to meet Robert Goulet, who was really nice.  He was Guest Starring that week.  I play 'Mr. Brill' in the first scene, so don't tune in late...unless you want to miss me."

Recently, Bill was the Announcer for "The Razzie Awards" (for the worst films of the year,, and is the Voice on the just released parody Short Film, "The McPassion".   (View it, hopefully with a Super Sized Sense of Humor, at

Additionally, Bill worked in January as a live Trade Show Narrator/Presenter for XtremeMac at MacWorld in San Francisco, in February for CyberTrust at the RSA Expo in San Jose, and is scheduled to be on stage for Quantum Corporation during NAB Las Vegas, in April. 

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