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Members Are working On... 1st Quarter 2018

socalmediapros logo180wMembers of SoCal Media Pros help each other in business and also serve the community. They're very good at what they do, so get in touch and collaborate with these experts for your next project!

Our friends have been busy and we haven't reported on their activities for a while, so let's start Alphabetically!

Producer Art Kirsch earlier this year wrapped a series of commercials for Cinematek Creative and now they're talking about a new flight! Ain't repeat clients more fun?

…and speaking of repeat…Since 2016, VO queen, Barb Bond  has been the live announcer for the South Coast Singers  It's a fun gig, she says. Barb's recent paid work has included commercial and narration work for Recovery Centers of America, IDDBA's National Cake Decorating Challenge, and the Women's Journey Foundation.

Producer Director John W. Coleman (he says the 'W' does NOT stand for weatherman!) is close to wrapping a feature documentary on famous watercolor artist, Milford Zornes, who lived to 100! So, what's takin' so long--it can't be the 200+ Hours of footage can it?

…Did you see (and hear) multi-talented member actor and singer Bill A. Jones  in a spot running for Comcast's Xfinity Watchathon Week?  In addition to being the VO Announcer for the campaign, Bill is on-camera in this very fun Ad:  Watch it here …and when you check out Bill's website look for his upcoming singing appearances!

Creative Media Recording completed production on two unique audiobooks a while back that are just now available on "The Silent Garden / El Jardin Silencioso" (they are in both English & Spanish) were developed for parents to provide thorough guidance on the ins and outs of raising a deaf child and that all deaf children have the potential to lead rich, productive, and exciting lives.  Chief Engineer and Studio owner Tim Keenan tells us the two books were was recorded in the CMR studios in Cypress over several months and narrated by Orange County voice talents Dave Sampson and Paty Corcoran. Creative Media is proud to have produced the very first audiobooks for Gallaudet University Press, a publisher that specializes in providing a knowledge base for and about deaf and hard of hearing people.

Videographer-Producer-Editor, Gary Stone has been busy with his Gold Standard Productions but he'd rather we tout his new venture into concert promoting Canciones House Concerts. He and wife LeeAnn have been hosting talented entertainers each summer (Find them on Facebook ) and this May 20th they're presenting their first PLAY-- an updated version of Shakespeare:  "A Mid-Century Midsummer's Night Dream." If you think Puck and Sinatra have nothing in common, you gotta see this, baby!

…The snow-topped, friendly-voiced Brian Page  reports that our old friend Mark Alexander has been keeping him busy doing narration on legal videos for Mark's company, Verdict Videos

… Remember FILM? That plastic strip with sprocket holes? Well, SoCal Media Pros member Grace McKay and her company Electric Pictures  has been up to her eyeballs in it! Electric Pictures is the premier telecine facility in OC and she has been transferring some large film archives to digital files for clients. In between she can do 8 and 16 mm transfers for you.

We all love it when we get the unexpected perks of production… Producer-Director-Videographer Tom Smith and his Thomas Smith Productions did a fun project for Creative Design Group at the Hawthorn Airport for client CalAir. They shot the whole Cirrus line of aircraft with interviews of notable industry folks. Unfortunately, rain caused the planed ride and shoot in the Cirrus Jet to be cancelled. Nevertheless, the clients were flying high when they saw the footage!

…This year the fabulous VO ATLANTA conference featured two of our own in the Narration and eLearning tracks: Engineer and Studio owner, Tim Keenan of Creative Media Recording in Cypress,  and The Doyenne of VO Dames, Anne Ganguzza. Anne then went on to speak at the One Voice Conference in London!  That's what happens when you're both a coach and performer as well as the founder of worldwide networking group, VO Peeps

…The esteemed outgoing president of SoCal Media Pros, Videographer-Producer, Larry Stimson has completed the second episode of the Tina Anderson talker, "Life, Love & Laughter." They're expecting to go back into production this summer. Currently larry's in preproduction and helping raise moola for a sci-fi thriller on dancing Androids…OK, there's gotta be more to it than just 'dancing androids' but you'll just have to wait!

You've probably read one of the Forgotten Hollywood books the award winning series by broadcaster, author and Hollywood Historian, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  Well, besides managing the franchise with a blog site, a weekly radio show, and a documentary film in production, Manny is currently working on his THIRD Book in the Forgotten Hollywood series! He's calling it "Road to Forgotten Hollywood, Forgotten History." —Sounds like a romp Bob Hope and Bing Crosby would enjoy! It's due out later this year.

…And finally, you know Armageddon is near when two portly producers become stars of their own show! The aforementioned Art Kirsch and John Coleman who are partners in a new venture aimed at the over 50+ demographic, Celebrating Act 2  have taken to the camera to produce a weekly VLOG. They discuss health, happiness and life, often giving some good advice, always with interesting observations—and humor!…And here I thought everyone wanted to DIRECT Not ACT!

What have you been doing professionally? Members of SoCal Media Pros are working pros acknowledged as experts in their field. We help each other in business and beyond. Contact them for more information…and Join us as a member and share your expertise with the world!