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Member Profile: Kathleen Kosche´

Kathleen Kosche1SoCal Media Pros member, Kathleen Kosche´ (co-SHAY) is waiting for a film to premier. Like most working actors, she has no control over the post-production process or release schedule of her work. But she, along with all her fellow SAG-AFTRA members, doesn't let that keep her from moving on to the next project.

The feature film in question, expected to be released early this summer, is "Heavenly Deposit," the story of a man who finds himself in a desperate situation, until a miraculous encounter changes his life. Kathleen plays Athena and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. "I have a good part: the Greek mother of the lead character. And working with writer-director, George Vincent and his co-director Rick Irvin was wonderful! Great Guys!"

Kathleen Koche aaa Athena in Heavenly DepositKathleen is a proud member of SAG-AFTRA. She LOVES the movies and last year served on the union's awards nominating committee which allowed her to see almost all the top films.

Of course, every actor has at least one other job to fill in between auditions and acting roles. For Kathleen that 'Day Job' is working as a licensed Therapist! "While knocking around Hollywood working at the famous Schwabs Drug Store and for a company testing commercials (secretly owned by Columbia Pictures) - I fell into a Social Work job with the County of Los Angeles which initiated my second career. Six years later I went to Graduate School in Social Work at USC and got my Masters with a Norman Topping Tuition Scholarship."

Having done plenty of roles in student films and legit theater, Kathleen has raised her visibility and is doing more and more indy features. She's very good with accents and dialects including Russian, British, German, Spanish, Irish and Greek. The latter no doubt helped her get the role of Athena by auditioning thru Actors Access. "A friend told me that her agent told her about the part and since I lived in Greece for six years she thought I would be better suited.  Long crazy story later turns out my friend's agent is also George's (the writer-director) agent. Go figure. I auditioned with a scene from the film on my I-PHONE- also go figure.  Got a call back and got the part! " 

The Garden Grove resident is a native of SoCal having graduated from Mira Costa High School in Manhattan Beach. But Kathleen also calls Hermosa and Redondo Beach home since she spent so much of her formative years frolicking up and down the coast. Her gypsy nature also revealed itself in college. Having won a number of theater awards in high school, Kathleen pursued her love of acting at El Camino College then USC, and finally graduated from UCLA with a BA degree in Theater.

Kathleen Kosche2While she's taken lots of professional training, including voice over work with David Lawrence, Pat Fraley and Marc Cashman, Kathleen Kosche´ has always had acting in her soul. "My first brush with fame came in Kindergarten when I was selected to be on the Art Linkletter show," she recounted, talking about the famous "Kids Say the Darndest Things" segment of that long running hit TV series. "And I was chosen again in the Fifth grade for the same honor! Believe it or not, I have a CD of the show from kindergarten and another of me singing my songs made from an old vinyl record I recorded.  Very trippy to hear yourself at 4 years old, I must say." If that wasn't enough to push her into professional acting, it was the time Kathleen was chosen to play Sarah Lincoln for her sixth grade class that clinched her first career choice.

"I am constantly working to learn and improve my recording skills and getting feedback on improving performance," says Kathleen. " I would love to have more voiceover work and to work in the industry as much as possible.   I have a conflict with my other passion, as a therapist, given the time demands which makes it hard for me to pursue the acting and voiceover work with as much diligence and attention as I would like and what is needed."Kathleen Kosche3

People who have worked with Kathleen describe her as funny, warm, insightful, caring and diligent. She admits to being a Clothes Horse to a clinically challenging degree and loves to go to Las Vegas with friends and work out on the penny slots. But nothing deters her from her acting.

"I think talent and perseverance are the most important qualities for a person starting in this career. SoCal Media Pros helps me with networking and improving skills and connections in all areas. Of course, a robust sense of humor helps everything, always."