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Members Are working On... 1st Quarter 2018

socalmediapros logo180wMembers of SoCal Media Pros help each other in business and also serve the community. They're very good at what they do, so get in touch and collaborate with these experts for your next project!

Our friends have been busy and we haven't reported on their activities for a while, so let's start Alphabetically!

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Tom SmithAn Interesting Journey

SoCal Media Pros member, Tom Smith, is a well-known producer-director with a wide variety of clients. Besides the CEO of Thomas Smith Productions, he's also a respected videographer who freelances for a number of large event companies. We got to chat with Tom about his very interesting business and how he got here--a journey you may find surprising!

SoCal: Tom, What excites you about your business?

Tom Smith: The best part of my job is the wide range of people I get to work with. Last month I worked for a large Catholic university on an immigration and refugee program, very different. Last week I was working with people in the General Aviation field and shooting state-of-the-art aircraft, next week interviews for real estate. Always different and Fun!

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Brian Page, Versatile Master

brian page 150 thumbYou've heard the old saw, Jack of All Trades Master of None? Well, SoCal Media Pros member, Brian Page, is a prolific creator who turns that archaic wisdom on its head! Page is a Master of a number of professional media trades, some of which seem to observers as quite disparate. For instance, how do you reconcile his success as an Actor and Director with his technical prowess as a Sound Designer? It all makes sense once you get to know him!

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When you rise to the top of your profession as SoCal Media Pros member Tim Keenan has, it's often due to more than just expertise and longevity. While Tim has over thirty years experience as producer, audio engineer and studio owner at Creative Media Recording in Cypress, CA, his well-earned reputation for top quality work is always accompanied by another equally important characteristic: he's a nice guy! Yep, everybody really likes working with Tim Keenan!

We recently spoke with Tim about his successful business, his career, professional media and the changes he's seen.

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Member Profile: Joe Nagle

Joe N. Recording my Commercial demo Nov 2010SoCal Media Pros member, Joe Nagle, has been doing VO professionally for almost a decade. In that time, he's made a name for himself and his mellifluous baritone voice. Joe does a variety of projects but seems to be called a lot for the narration of animated white-board explainer videos, e-learning courses, non-fiction audiobooks and corporate-industrial-medical training modules. He's also noted for his creative marketing! As an avid home-brewer of craft beer, Joe named his VO business "Joe's Speak-Easy Voice Overs and Home Brew." Now everyone remembers the beer-brewing VO guy.

But once-upon-a-time he was a salesman with a 30-year career in the metals industry. Joe's telling of his career change reveals one of his endearing traits, a great sense of humor:

"After being laid off a second time in an economic downturn it finally dawned on me - I wasn't a very good salesman."

And when we asked Joe which title he liked the best (thinking he may prefer "VO Artist" to "Home Brewer" or maybe even "entrepreneur") his answer was "The Thrilla in Manilla," --Muhammed Ali's third title!

As you can tell, it was great fun talking with Joe and getting to know him. Here's more:

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Jonathan Fackler Passes

Jonathan FacklerWe were all saddened to hear Producer-Director Jonathan Fackler of Costa Mesa, California passed away suddenly and quietly in the presence of friends and family on April 28, 2017 in Las Vegas, Nevada, after a year and a half since diagnosis of prostate cancer. Jon will be remembered for his professional contributions, creativity and unfailing optimism. One of Jon's more memorable contributions in Orange County was as Co-Executive Director and Producer of a gala awards show for the Newport Beach Film Festival a few years back under the auspices of the Media Alliance of Orange County. Jon was deeply loved and his enthusiasm and dedication to quality production will be missed. 

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Member Profile: Kathleen Kosche´

Kathleen Kosche1SoCal Media Pros member, Kathleen Kosche´ (co-SHAY) is waiting for a film to premier. Like most working actors, she has no control over the post-production process or release schedule of her work. But she, along with all her fellow SAG-AFTRA members, doesn't let that keep her from moving on to the next project.

The feature film in question, expected to be released early this summer, is "Heavenly Deposit," the story of a man who finds himself in a desperate situation, until a miraculous encounter changes his life. Kathleen plays Athena and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. "I have a good part: the Greek mother of the lead character. And working with writer-director, George Vincent and his co-director Rick Irvin was wonderful! Great Guys!"

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SoCal Media Pros / VO Peeps Educational Scholarship Fund Continues To Grow!

LOGO VO Peeps scholarship1The fund, established in January of 2012, is a SoCal Media Pros (previously MCAI-OC) sponsored nonprofit 501(c) (3) fund dedicated to providing both need-based and merit-based scholarships to qualified members of the voiceover community. What began as an entrepreneurial vision of one girl, Anne Ganguzza, VO PEEPS CREATOR and FOUNDER of the VO Peeps Career Education Scholarship Fund, has now evolved into one of the most exciting and PLUGGED IN places to be for the Voice Over Community!  The rapid growth of the popular global networking group since its inception in 2009, led Anne to seek ways in which to give back to the community, and the VO Peeps Career Education Scholarship Fund was born. socal mp logo 234SoCal Media Pros has been proud to continue the fiscal support of our predicessor, MCAI.  To date, more than $31,458 worth of scholarship and aid to the VoiceOver community has been donated, and Anne continues to grow the excitement and drive the VO Community to what it does best, and that’s GIVING BACK!

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US International Film & Video Festival Extends 2017 Entry Deadline

US International Film Fest LOGOCelebrating 50 years of acknowledging creative excellence in film and video production, our friends at the US International Film & Video Festival have extended the deadline for this years entries to APRIL 13th!!  ENTER NOW

The Festival offers five mini-competitions in one by recognizing outstanding Corporate, Education, Entertainment, Documentary and Student productions. Entries are judged against peers, meaning Corporate competes with Corporate, Education against Education, and so on. Judges do not have to grant awards in each category. As a result, the top award in a category is not necessarily a Gold Camera, but may be a Silver or Certificate winner. Conversely, more than one Gold, Silver or Certificate may be presented in a category. Decisions are made based on both effectiveness and creativity by judges located around the world.

Member Profile: Larry Stimson

Larry runs Camera2Our current president, Larry Stimson, holds the honor of not only being the first president of SoCal Media Pros but also the last president of the LA/OC Chapter of MCAI! Because many of our members work in media production and because you've probably seen Larry behind his 4K camera recording some of our meetings, you might assume he's a producer or cameraman.

(Photo Left: Larry Stimson operates camera on a short film)

Well, he is… but his bread-and-butter job in media is an Application Designer. Larry was happy to explain how one guy can wear all these hats:

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