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Oct. Meeting Review - Liz Ervin Tells All About Locations

SoCal Media Pros hosted professional Location Scout and Location Manager, Liz Ervin, owner of Pacific Location Search, for our October get-together and no one was dissapointed. Whether you were expecting some important How-To's or some tell-all behind-the-scenes stories, Liz delivered! With over 30 years experience in production of Film and TV, she had a lot to share. The crowd was attentive as she described the business end of searching for, then making deals for use of locations of all kinds. Liz covers all of Orange and San Diego Counties but also has a number of favorite locations in the far reaches of LA and San Bernadion counties. After an intro from SoCal Media Pros Treasurer, Art Kirsch, she described the early days of taking poloroid photos of a home or loaction and scotch taping them into a manila folder...and contrasted that to today's location photos by iPhone and emailing them into her Data Base so clients can search online! (see link to the Video Below)

Liz told about being "Discovered" by Greg MacGillivray for whom she worked in IMAX movie production a number of years as well as her extensive production background before starting Pacific Location Search. She swore the audience to secrecy about both funny and horror stories which she experienced on set so we can't repeat them here. But they were enjoyed imensley by the crowd. (Photo Below Right: Liz Ervin of Pacific Location Seaarch is introduced by Art Kirach)

Over the years, much of Liz' work has been for Ad agencies and corporate clients as well as fim and TV production companies, including Fortune 500 Companies: AAA, Apple Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Ford, Jaguar, Chevrolet, Toyota, Mazda, Starbucks, Target, Irvine Company, State of California, Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Gap, Guess, KOCE, Bravo TV, Evolution Media, HBO, MacGillivray-Freeman Films, Living Spaces, Smith & Noble, Adobe, Pac Sun, Elle Australia, Rosetta Stone, John Deere, Edward Jones Nationwide, and many others.

Liz pointed out the differences between her services as location Scout and location Manager. The latter is important both to protect the filmmaker and the home or location owner. She detailed a lot of the business side of running a professional production on a rented location including contracts, release forms, insurance and cleanup. It's not unusual for a client who wants a special look to repaint or redecorate a room and then go to the expense of returning it to the original condition as part of the contract.

Liz got a big round of applause for her very entertaining, honest  and informative presentation. Her talk was filmed by RoundTable.Media and it should be available for viewing within a few weeks. SoCal Media Pros President, Larry Stimson, gave Liz kudos and let her know whe was welcom any time!