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Next Meeting: October 19th Location! Location! Location!

Want to rent your home or business out for use in a Movie or TV show? Or do you need a great setting for your next commercial, video or feature film? Got special requirements like a traditional New England home with picket fence? Or Futuristic archetecture? Maybe you need to shoot an action scene—a car chase or a fight on a rugged mountain trail? Well, you need professional Location Scout and Manager, Liz Ervin! At our next meeting Liz will take you behind the scenes and share secrets and fun stories of her 30 years in the business running Pacific Location Search, the premier service for film, TV and photo shoots specializing in OC and San Diego Counties. RSVP and pay online at our Meetup Site:

There's a lot of detail in finding, procuring and managing the perfect location for a media production—large or small—and Liz will discuss the nitty gritty such as insurance, contracts and clean-up which every media professional should know. Having worked with filmmakers, Ad agencies and corporate clients, she has had some wild experiences that no one could have predicted! Join SoCal Media Pros on Oct 19th as Liz Ervin takes you behind the scenes and on Location!

Come early (doors open at 6:30) for networking with other media professionals over light food and refreshments. It's $10 / $5 for registered members of SoCal Media Pros.

RSVP and pay online at our Meetup Site:

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About Liz Ervin:

"I started Pacific Location Search, 30 years ago, to assist production companies, photographers and ad agencies in finding their perfect film friendly location," she says. "I take great pride in my work and love bringing each client’s vision to life. I get excited when I see a TV commercial, infomercial, print ad, catalogue, webisode, or other media using one of my locations. It is gratifying to be a part of a collaborative process."

Liz started her career as a production assistant on IMAX movies before moving on to line and field producing. Her experience also includes production management, location scouting and location management. "I have worked on feature films, commercials, infomercials, corporate projects, reality TV and IMAX, using everything from 35 mm and 16 mm cameras to high-definition and video."  Her clients include over 30 of the leading Fortune 500 Companies: AAA, Apple Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Ford, Jaguar, Chevrolet, Toyota, Mazda, Starbucks, Target, Irvine Company, State of California, Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Gap, Guess, KOCE, Bravo TV, Evolution Media, HBO, MacGillivray-Freeman Films, Living Spaces, Smith & Noble, Adobe, Pac Sun, Elle Australia, Rosetta Stone, John Deere, Edward Jones Nationwide, and many others.

"In the past three decades, I have greatly enjoyed watching and experiencing the technology changes that have affected our business. As one example, I remember the old days of location scouting that involved taking pictures with 35mm film before dropping off the rolls to be developed—and yes, the more rolls, the more time. We would then pick up the rolls, tape the 3x5 pictures to manila folders, and write our instructions onto the folders: directions (N, S, E or W), production notes, audio notes, contact information, and more. We would then race to FedEx for overnight delivery to New York City or other distant agencies. Fast-forward to today, and my Canon SLR has a feature for sending images directly to the client from the camera. Boy, have we come a long way!"