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November '15 Meeting Review: DRONES

Guest Marcelo Lewin, the DigiMedia Dude, was a big hit at our November 2015 meeting.

His talk was filled with a lot of  important information on owning and operating Drones. It also included a good bit of training and safety tips and featured his Drone-Flight Simulator!


The crowd was very interested in every word and included at least two drone owner-operators who contributed their practical knowledge and opinions. Also touched on was the current and future political and legal climate (including FCC regulation changes which will effect bandwith) for Drones. A lot of sharing went on. 

Marcelo went over a lot of the common jargon used and discussed different kinds of drones which sell for between $800 and $1200. There were plenty of good opinions expressed and at least on person left saying that based on the discussion, they were going to buy a drone and get training.

Training was the main emphasis of the evening and Marcelo Lewin talked about the Do's & Don'ts and good/bad of different flight modes. Particularly important was his Flight Planning Check List-- useful and comprehensive. His practical advice included things as diverse as having a spotter and logging all your flights—the latter handy in qualifying for a commercial drone pilots license!

Everyone was pleased to receive Marcelo Lewin's outline/seminar overview which included over a dozen points in 'Ground School Training' and another long list on 'Simulation'.  Of course his Drone flight simulator was the big hit of the evening and those that got a chance to operate it were hooked!

Lewin not only offered an evening filled with great information but included a handout of the FAA's proposed rule changes for small UAV (unmanned aerial vehicles). It was perfect for media professionals who take production seriously and not just a hobby.

Finally, Marcello handed every participant an honest-to-goodness Completely Fake Drone Pilot Certificate for attending! It is of course worth nothing…but the evening was invaluable!

Marcelo Lewin has posted many training videos on drones --and many other topics--(he's got over 100 and posting 5 to 10 new ones every week!)  as part of his new venture, The DigiMedia Dude.

Please support Marcelo by going to his YouTube site  and  subscribing to it! In his own words:

You're a content creator and want to become better at creating content! That's where I come in!

My goal in life, is to help you become a better content creator.  Well, I have other goals too, but we're not that close yet, so I'll spare you the details.  

I create at least one video, Monday through Friday on various topics, including filmmaking, photography, podcasting, blogging, web design, writing, social media and many other topics related to content creation.  

All these videos are posted at for free.