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New JOOMLA Group Meets Oct. 28th

Accelerating Your Joomla Website!

The new meet-up group for anyone using JOOMLA on their website is calling for a 4th Wednesday get-together on Oct 28th. It's at a new Starbucks in Lake Forest and we're limited to 10 people so organizer, Grace McKay, is holding a meet at 7AM and another at 6:30PM. The topic is Sharing tricks for a fast, responsive webiste. The person with the fastest Site gets free coffee and pastry. Grace is currently building www.Roundtable.Media and trying every trick she knows to make this deep, function-filled site move quickly. She's learned a lot worth sharing and would love to get more great tips. If you work with Joomla you will enjoy this meet-up—and enjoy meeting other users.

We need you to RSVP at